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The story of BioSamara and SamaraNatura

BioSamara was launched 23th of September 2007 with the aim of providing the public with tools to enjoy a life full of health and vitality, and to make it possible to have a truly nutritious diet with raw foods and superfoods: nourishment full of taste, energy and vitality.

company formation

These special superfoods in organic and raw food quality, were not yet available in Switzerland at the time, and over several months, the owners, Ilanta Sa and Philippe Wyss, set on a journey to try and test several products and different brands intensively, to be able to select only the best quality foods from the producers and distributors with the highest integrity. The ever-growing clientele were really appreciative of our effort to select the best of best. Since then, BioSamara has been a Swiss pioneer for superfoods, products that previously were known only in Great Britain and the USA. BioSamara was one of the first companies to acknowledge the importance of high-quality, organic natural foods and superfoods in their pure state for our physical and mental health.

Initially, BioSamara was a single company and quickly built up a wide range of superfoods and other special raw food products, mainly fair-traded: the products we launched on the Swiss market in 2007 included superfoods of raw food quality such as cacao nibs, cacao beans and cacao paste, maca, goji berries, camu camu, peeled hemp seeds, and inca berries, as well as other products such as fo-ti powder, mesquite, yacon syrup. Our enthusiasm and curiosity for these fairly unknown and valuable natural products from all over the world have led to a continuous growth of our range and to new and exciting products on the Swiss market, which are used by more and more customers with growing interest. Examples of some new products we introduced in the Swiss market are marine phytoplankton in 2009, chia seeds in 2010 and Swiss ancient spelt grass powder in 2014.

Since the beginning, most of the products have been developed and marketed under the brand name SamaraNatura. This brand name, to this day, illustrates our love and respect for nature and the importance of natural products for our health. For us nature is the greatest and most brilliant thing that was ever given to humans. It does not just give us food. Rather, it gives us strength, protects and heals us, is constantly changing and is incredibly creative.


In the first years, BioSamara sold only at trade fairs and farmers markets. In 2008, we took the important step to launch our first website on the Internet. Since then, the range has continued to grow. Today, our assortment comprises more than 100 articles of the categories Superfood, Raw & Vital Food, Chocolate & Cacao, Sweeteners, Snacks (in particular organic raw food bars as well as) food supplements.

Two thirds of our product range is SamaraNatura brand and the other third are comprised by unique specialized products such artisanal oils in raw quality, and the probiotic herbal fermented drink Vita Biosa. We are exclusive distributors of Algaran sea vegetables, MULU raw food pralines, COCOA raw food chocolate and Pearls of Samarkand nuts and berries from Uzbekistan.

We are always searching for new, high-quality, unadulterated, delicious organic fair traded Super Foods and Natural Food Supplements, which should be as unprocessed as possible in raw food quality, vegan, gluten-free and 100% pure - without additives. Do you miss something in our range? Feel free to contact us with your suggestions: info@samaranatura.ch or 044 586 27 27.

Also for us it is for is important to maintain a respectful relationship with our customers, long-term suppliers and partners. Since 2013, we have been cooperating with the Social enterprise Ancora-Meilestei in Wetzikon. The focus of the foundation, which celebrated 25 years in 2016, is the social and professional integration of people with psychological or social impairments. Ancora-Meilestei carries out the packing of superfoods, under high hygienic standards and also processes our orders. Trained social workers support the clients and ensure the quality of the work. Each package is checked for completeness by a responsible person before shipment. Subsequently, the tracking codes are recorded and the customer receives the message that their parcel is being delivered. Like BioSamara GmbH, Ancora-Meilestei is also certified organic.

We are ecologically minded also in our dispatching department. We utilise only re used cartons and as a filling material, our logistics specialist uses recycled paper or cut-to-size cartons, as well as delivered packages.
The orders, which arrive on workdays until 2 pm, are generally equipped and dispatched on the same day. All parcels are delivered reliably with Swiss Post. You can find the detailed shipping options under Dispatch and Pickup.

New beginnings – 2016

VeggieWorld 2016

At the start of 2016, nutrition coach Patrick Fuchs bought BioSamara GmbH and took over the management. The company philosophy and the strategy of premium quality with multi certifications (organic, raw food, 100% pure - without additives, vegan, gluten-free, fair-trade) continued unchanged, and some optimizations were made in sales and communication. In addition, SamaraNatura also reinforced its presence on various social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram - and at many Organic & Vegan trade fairs across Switzerland.

Our products - SamaraNatura

SamaraNatura offers the purest, most nutritious and high-quality food from all parts of the world. Although our products have always been organic since the start of the company in 2007, from November 2015, BioSamara GmbH has been officially certified as an organic company, (organic certificate BVH-25388 available at www.easy-cert.com) controlled by the Swiss organic certification body - bio.inspecta in Frick. We sell almost exclusively organic products, which are grown without synthetic pesticides or agrochemicals. For our own interest, we always choose products that are free of chemical-synthetic agents. We do not knowingly sell products grown with agrochemicals. This is very important to us personally. Also, with the exception of bee pollen, SamaraNatura whole product range is vegan.

Our products are either wild crafted or organically grown and mostly in raw food quality and only sometimes processed in a very gentle way. Raw food contains more vitality than heated foods due to the fact that the nutrients and enzymes are not destroyed and can thus provide us with more energy, strength and wellbeing. For example, our best-selling chocolates, COCOA and MULU are produced using only unroasted cocoa beans and contain neither milk additives nor conventional sugars. Instead, they are sweetened with agave syrup or coconut sugar.

Superfoods are wholesome foods that can support our health in a pure and natural way. They are both food and medicine. Super foods are one of the most nutritious, concentrated and effective foods on the planet. Extremely tasty, they have the ability to significantly increase the life force in our bodies and are also one of the best choices to improve the overall physical, mental and emotional health. For more information, please see: What are Superfoods?

While many of other players in the market rely on superfoods from China, we favour the regions of origin and local products. Our protein and omega-3-rich hemp products come from Austria. In the cocoa products, we focus mainly on the two noble varieties Criollo from Peru and Arriba from Ecuador. The seaweed such as Dulse, Kombu or Sea Spaghetti is harvested on the Irish Atlantic coast. We are also very proud to offer a Swiss organic spelt powder from the Zurich region and sea buckthorn raw juice from the Swiss Alps, among several other products grown and produced within Switzerland.

We have set ourselves the task of supporting those who are interested in becoming happier and healthier people. A diet with a relatively large proportion of fresh raw food as well as a good share of superfoods helps achieve this goal. You do not have to be a Jamie Oliver to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, because on our website, you will find many delicious recipes of smoothies, desserts, chocolate as well as savoury dishes link to Superfood recipes & raw food recipes. With Superfoods it is like everything else: in the beginning you will need some support and inspiration and soon enough you will be able to start creating your own masterpieces in the kitchen! Make it fun, use the products regularly and you will soon see the positive impact superfoods have on your body and mind.

Sales outlets and trade fairs

As a niche supplier with a wide assortment but small volume, our products are not suitable for distribution via organic wholesalers, where most health food stores purchase their products. Nevertheless, you will find SamaraNatura products in some Swiss organic shops, which are convinced by the quality of our products and order directly from us. You can find an overview of these shops under Points of Sale. Do you buy regularly in a health food store, which does not have any SamaraNatura items in the assortment? Then let us know the shop and we will gladly contact the shop without obligation.

SamaraNatura Trader

Customer care is very important to us. We are reachable on work days over the phone and you can also meet us in person in one the many organic, vegan & food trade fairs we regularly attend in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Amongst others you will find us at the BioMarché in Zofingen and the Vegana at Sihlcity Zürich. A detailed overview of the trade fairs can be found under Event & Links. Visit us and profit from the opportunity to taste many products and attractive trade fair discounts. We look forward to meeting you!