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Kale Chips Sour Dream
Kale Chips Sour Dream
Kale Chips Sour Dream - Marinated Kale Chips from New Roots These Kale Chips from New Roots are now even crisper, greener and more flavorful than ever before. The kale leaves are stripped off the stems and washed carefully. Then the...
Content 60 Gramm (CHF16.67 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF10.00 *
Bio Knabberhanf
Organic salted hemp seeds
Organic salted hemp seeds - wholesome nibbling fun With 13 herbs and sea salt, these whole, slightly roasted hemp seeds are seasoned. A full nibbling fun that also saturates and nourishes. Wonderfully sprinkled over salads too. The hemp...
Content 150 Gramm (CHF6.27 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF9.40 *
Kelp Noodles
Kelp Noodles
Kelp Noodles - Calorie Low Alternative to Pasta Kelp noodles are a sea vegetable in the form of an easy to eat raw noodle. They are made of only kelp, sodium alginate, which is sodium salt extracted from a brown seaweed, and water. Kelp...
Content 340 Gramm (CHF2.79 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF9.50 *