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High-Oleic Organic Sunflower Oil
Sunflower Oil High Oleic Organic Soyana
Cold-pressed high-oleic organic sunflower oil from Soyana This bio-certified high-oleic sunflower oil comes from specially cultivated sunflowers. It contains approx. 75% monounsaturated fatty acids and is therefore particularly suitable...
Content 750 ml (CHF1.59 * / 100 ml)
From CHF11.90 *
Mandelpüree Mandelmus Bio Soyana Hochstrasser
Almond Butter Organic Soyana
Organic almond butter 1kg in raw food quality - very nutritious & versatile! Urs Hochstrasser, Swiss raw-food pioneer, helped develop this white organic almond puree and has been using it for over 20 years in his gourmet raw food...
Content 1000 Gramm (CHF3.99 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF39.90 *
Soyana Nama Bio Gersten-Miso
Soyana Nama-Organic-Barley-Miso
Soyana Nama-Bio Gersten-Miso 250g - unpasteurisiert Unpasteurisiertes Bio Gersten-Miso von Soyana. Nama bedeutet höchste Qualität nach tradionellen japanischen Herstellungsmethoden. Bei der Herstellung dieses Miso werden die Sojabohnen...
Content 250 Gramm (CHF3.48 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF8.70 *
Soyana Nama Bio Tamari
Soyana Nama-BioTamari (unpasteurised soy sauce)
Soyana Nama Organic Tamari - the best soy sauce in Switzerland Unpasteurized organic Tamari from Soyana. In the production of this Tamari, the soybeans are cooked and then fermented in wooden barrels for 2 years. Nama means highest...
Content 350 ml (CHF2.83 * / 100 ml)
From CHF9.90 *
Apfeldicksaft Soyana Rohkost Bio
Apple syrup Soyana organic
Apple syrup Soyana Bio in raw food quality made from 100% Swiss apples This organic apple syrup was developed by Swiss raw food pioneer Urs Hochstrasser to "sweeten life with a clear conscience". Soyana produces the organic apple syrup...
Content 700 Gramm (CHF2.77 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF19.40 *

Products from SOYANA


SOYANA was founded in 1981 by the then young idealist A.W. Dänzer founded and was the first Swiss company to offer meat alternatives. Today, SOYANA offers a range of 130 organic vegetarian foods of very high quality. All ingredients come from organic farming, are plant-based, have a high level of subtle energy and are made with love. We only sell SOYANA raw food products, i.e. white almond puree, Swiss apple syrup, Nama Tamari (soy sauce) and barley miso.