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Thermomix® TM5

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Thermomix® TM5: cooking has never been so easy and fast! The Thermomix® TM5 is a universal... more
Product information "Thermomix® TM5"

Thermomix® TM5: cooking has never been so easy and fast!

The Thermomix® TM5 is a universal kitchen appliance by the German company Vorwerk, which optimally supports you daily in the kitchen. He helps you to cook

  • fast: Complete meals can be prepared in just 30 minutes and while cooking a lot of time remains.
  • Simple: No complicated dishes and optimal support through guided cooking function.
  • healthy: Carefully prepare fresh food without adding any extra fat.
  • creative: variety and inspiration through basic cookbook and many recipes online as well as in the Cookidoo® portal.
  • economical: Save money every day by being able to do without expensive semi-finished products.

12 functions

  • Weighing: The integrated scale simplifies the weighing of ingredients, 5g increments up to a maximum of 6kg.
  • Mixing: Quickly prepare smoothies at 10'200 revolutions per minute.
  • Mixing: undercutting within a few seconds.
  • Crushing: From coarse to very fine.
  • Grinding: The full tour number conjures up the finest powdered sugar, coffee powder and much more.
  • Kneading: With the kneading mode knead all kinds of dough effortlessly.
  • Beat: Egg whites and cream are hit perfectly with the butterfly stir-fry.
  • Stirring: Your risotto is stirred constantly and at the right speed so it does not burn.
  • Emulsify: Making homemade mayonnaise in just a few minutes.
  • Steam cooking: Gentle and fast, as in the steamer.
  • Cooking: The unbelievably big recipe world will give you a lot of inspiration and your TM5 cooks it fast and easy.
  • Controlled heating: Between 37° C to 120° C.


Maintenance-free, strong Vorwerk motor with 500 W nominal power. Heating with 1'000 W.

Price Thermomix® TM5

The Thermomix® TM5 costs CHF 1,450.- (including VAT) throughout Switzerland. In addition, there are occasional customer promotions, such as cookbooks or a voucher for the e-shop of Thermomix Switzerland.

Unfortunately, there are always fake ads with significantly lower purchase price. This sounds tempting, of course, but only until the time when you get no payment after payment and hear nothing more from the provider. Therefore keep fingers away.

Free experience demonstration

Any interested party can arrange a two-hour experience demonstration with their official representative to help them make their decision on a possible purchase. This demo is not compulsory, but can also be used after the purchase as an introduction.

Many accessories included

Your Thermomix® TM5 will always be delivered along with the mixing pot, lid, cooking insert, stirring attachment (butterfly), spatula, Varoma attachment (3 parts), recipe book with over 200 recipes and recipe chip.

How to buy a Thermomix®

Due to the large number of its functions and the associated consulting needs, the Thermomix® TM5 can not be purchased in the electronics trade, but only through a representative. SamaraNatura Managing Director Patrick Fuchs is the official representative of Thermomix Switzerland. However, the purchase always takes place between Thermomix Switzerland resp. the official Swiss distributor Huber-Schindler AG in Dierikon and the customer. As a result, the warranty claims are guaranteed during the first 2 years.

For the purchase, the following information is required in addition to the customer address and the date of birth:

  • Language land book set (cookbook and chip): choice between German, French or Italian. Other languages ​​such as English or Spanish can be purchased for a slight additional charge of CHF 59.50.
  • Cook-Key®: This advanced cooking chip connects your Thermomix® TM5 to the online recipe world of Cookidoo® via Wi-Fi. The Cook-Key® costs regularly CHF 169.-, when buying together with the TM5 only CHF 129.-. The purchase price includes access to Cookidoo® for 6 months. Afterwards, the annual subscription for Cookidoo® costs only CHF 39.-. The Cook-Key® can also be purchased at a later date. Whether you should purchase it together with the TM5 or not depends on the intended use. In my opinion, it makes sense for new customers to first get to know the Thermomix TM5 and to try the recipes of the basic cookbook.
  • Monthly promotion: In May 2018, all buyers will receive a chocolate professional set for free. In addition, a second mixed pot can be bought for CHF 149.- instead of CHF 305.-.
  • Warranty extension: The ordinary warranty is 2 years resp. for commercial use 6 months. Private persons can buy the guarantee for another 3 years for CHF 249.-.
  • Shipping: The delivery takes place within a few days after purchase price payment. If you are on vacation, you can send it later.
  • Payment options: advance payment (invoice by e-mail or post) or credit card. An installment purchase is also possible due to cooperation with Byjuno AG. However, further forms and fee-based clarifications are needed. Therefore, if you do not have the CHF 1'450.-, we recommend that you save a few months and then buy directly.
  • In any case, the order form still needs to be signed. If you order the TM5 here, you will receive the official Thermomix® order form with pre-paid return envelope by post on the same day. The last, yellow sheet is then your order confirmation.


For more information on the Thermomix TM5 and its myriad features, visit the Thermomix Switzerland website. In addition, you will find various accessories such as cookbooks, recipe chips, spare parts, accessories and the Cook-Key® in the Thermomix Switzerland e-shop.

Many customers also know the Thermomix under the name Bimby®. Bimby® is a registered name of the producer Vorwerk. In Switzerland, however, this name is not used.

Questions and advice

We are aware that not all details can be listed here. If you have any questions or requests, you can call Patrick Fuchs directly on 044 586 27 27.

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