FAQ answered

We are pleased that there is great interest in our products. Maybe you also have a few open questions. Perhaps the following information will already give you an answer. If not, we are at your disposal by phone on 044 586 27 27 or by email at info@samaranatura.ch.

Which products are vegan?

All of our products are vegan!

Which products are of raw food quality?

Around 80% of our products are raw food quality! These are provided with the appropriate notice / label.

How Much of a Superfood Should I Eat? (Dosage of superfoods)

A common misconception about superfoods and herbs is that there is a standard dosage. We believe that the right amount for a person depends on their size, sensitivity, age, gender and other factors that make them unique. We recommend observing yourself to learn which foods are good for you and how much is good for you. If you use too much of a food and it is not good for you, it is advisable to reduce the amount or omit it for a while. In the case of special requirements or sensitivity, we advise you to talk to a specialist (nutritionist / doctor) about your diet.

What kind of material are the bags for SamaraNatura products made of?

Our bags are made of paper and have a plastic inner lining without aluminum (even if it looks silvery), this combination means that the products are well protected from light, humidity and oxygen, while the paper (made from wood, a renewable raw material) reduces the need for crude oil ( CO2 emissions) and the packaging is relatively light and unbreakable.