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Kokos-Chips Bio 1
Coconut chips Organic
Organic Coconut Chips - Caribbean snacks Coconut palms are ancient crops and have been cultivated for at least 3000 years. The coconut is one of those complete foods that humans could eat on their own for weeks without suffering from...
Content 250 Gramm (CHF4.76 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF11.90 *
Kokosoel Bio 500ml
Coconut oil organic
Cocnut Oil - Healthy Allround-Product Update from November 15th, 2022: The new batch of our coconut oil is now available. On the right side you can choose the variants 500ml or 1000ml. Why buy organic coconut oil? Naturally aromatic...
Content 500 ml (CHF2.20 * / 100 ml)
From CHF11.00 * CHF16.00 *
Coconut blossom syrup organic
Coconut Blossom Syrup Organic
Coconut blossom syrup - mild aromatic sweetener Coconut blossom syrup is a very special juice. This can already be seen in its elaborate extraction. Because the organic coconut farmers climb up to the coconut palms every day to tap it...
Content 350 Gramm (CHF3.14 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF11.00 *
Dr. Goerg Bio-Kokosmus
Kokosmus Dr. Goerg Bio
Dr. Goerg Bio-Kokosmus - mehr Kokosnuss geht nicht! Was macht Dr. Georg's Bio-Kokosmus besonders? Das Dr. Goerg Bio-Kokosmus wird aus 100% erntefrischem Kokosnuss-Fruchtfleisch (nur 72 Stunden von der Ernte bis zum Produkt) zu einem...
Content 1000 Gramm (CHF3.17 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF31.65 *
Kokosmehl Bio Fairtrade
Coconut flour
Coconut Flour – Gluten-Free and High in Fibre Coconut trees have been cultivated for at least 3000 years. The nutritious coconuts rich in good fat and high-quality protein made tropical islanders enjoy a good health over many...
Content 300 Gramm (CHF1.50 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF4.50 *
Kokosbluetenzucker Bio mit Beutel
Coconut blossom sugar organic
Coconut blossom sugar – Deliciously sweetener Coconut blossom sugar is derived from the blossom nectar of coconut trees and has a wonderful caramel-like flavour. It is a great, mineral-rich alternative to cane sugar and contains a lot of...
Content 500 Gramm (CHF1.98 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF9.90 *

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