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Astaxanthin Kapseln
Astaxanthin Capsules (BioAstin)
Astaxanthin capsules: dietary supplement with astaxanthin from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis Update: The astaxanthin capsules are sold out. The new batch should be available by the end of April. Hawaiian BioAstin® with...
Content 90 Stück (CHF28.89 * / 100 Stück)
From CHF26.00 *
Kurkuma Kapseln Curcumin & Piperin
Kurkuma Kapseln Curcumin & Piperin
Kurkuma Kapseln Als Ergänzung zum beliebten Kurkuma-Pulver führen wir neu Kurkuma Kapseln im Sortiment. DIese enthalten nicht einfach Kurkuma-Pulver, sondern eine Mischung aus hochwertigen Pflanzenextrakten: Indischer Kurkuma Extrakt mit...
Content 90 Stück (CHF38.89 * / 100 Stück)
From CHF35.00 *
Omega-3 Kapseln EPA DHA
Omega-3 Kapseln EPA + DHA
Omega-3 Kapseln EPA + DHA: rein pflanzlich aus Algenöl Bis vor wenigen Jahren konnte DHA als Nahrungsergänzung nur in Form von Fischöl bereitgestellt werden. Durch ein neues Verfahren ist es möglich DHA aus Mikroalgen zu gewinnen. Somit...
Content 120 Stück (CHF36.00 * / 100 Stück)
From CHF43.20 *
MSM Kapseln
MSM Capsules 180 à 1000mg
MSM – Healthy Joints and Radiant Skin MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane; it is a type of sulphur, which is naturally found within all cells of the human body and in many foods, but which is lost through food refining and processing....
Content 180 Stück (CHF24.44 * / 100 Stück)
From CHF44.00 *
MSM Kristalle
MSM Powder
MSM powder - dietary supplement with natural sulfur We renamed our MSM Crystals to Powder because Crystals was confusing (it has a granular structure, similar to salt). The new batch has arrived and is available now. MSM...
Content 500 Gramm (CHF7.10 * / 100 Gramm)
From CHF35.50 *
MacaPro XP Purple
MacaPro XP Purple
MacaPro XP Purple - Maca-Extrakt 20:1 Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) wird seit mehreren tausend Jahren von der Bevölkerung Perus auf Hochplateaus in den Anden kultiviert. Schon die Incas schätzten die Pflanze aufgrund ihrer vielfältigen...
Content 90 ml (CHF48.89 * / 100 ml)
From CHF44.00 *
MacaPro XP Black
MacaPro XP Black
MacaPro XP Black - Maca-Extrakt 18:1 Seit tausenden von Jahren kultivieren die Andenvölker Perus Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) auf den Hochplateaus und bereits die Inkas schätzten die Pflanze aufgrund ihrer vielfältigen Eigenschaften. Was ist...
Content 90 ml (CHF44.44 * / 100 ml)
From CHF40.00 *
Vita Biosa Ingwer 500ml
Vita Biosa Probiotic Ginger
Vita Biosa Probiotic Ginger - the fresh version This new version is already the most popular. The taste is not spicy at all, but lemony and fresh. The herbs, carefully selected for their taste and quality, were treated gently during...
Content 500 ml (CHF3.96 * / 100 ml)
From CHF19.80 *
Vita Biosa Beeren 500ml
Vita Biosa Probiotic Berry - the sweet and sour...
Vita Biosa Probiotic Beeren - die süss-saure Variante Update vom 11.11.2022: Die 3-Liter-Variante Vita Biosa Beeren ist aktuell ausverkauft. Alternativ empfeheln wir die 500ml Pet-Flaschen oder die Geschmacksrichtung Original/Kräuter....
Content 500 ml (CHF3.96 * / 100 ml)
From CHF19.80 *
Vita Biosa Hagebutte 500ml
Vita Biosa Probiotic Rose Hip
Vita Biosa Probiotic Hagebutte - die würzig-saure Variante Die erfrischende Hagebutte kann in flüssiger Form als Vita Biosa Probiotic Hagebutte, angereichert mit Milchsäurebakterienstämmen, probiotischen Bakterien und einer Prise Ingwer,...
Content 500 ml (CHF3.96 * / 100 ml)
From CHF19.80 *
Vita Biosa Original Kraeuter Bio 500ml
Vita Biosa Probiotic Original Herbs Organic
Vita Biosa Probiotic herbs - the fresh and sour variant The herbs, carefully selected for their taste and quality, have been carefully treated in the time between sowing and harvesting. Fermentation with the seven vegan lactic acid...
Content 500 ml (CHF3.96 * / 100 ml)
From CHF19.80 *

Why do we need nutritional supplements?

The question of why dietary supplements are actually needed comes up again and again in the discussion about a balanced diet. Because actually nature provides us with everything we need for the optimal function of the human body. In fact, all of the nutrients the body needs to be healthy can be found in nature in the form of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, grains, herbs, spices, and also animal foods - if you are not a vegetarian. So why are dietary supplements necessary anyway? The reason for this is that the required carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, enzymes and vitamins are only theoretically available through our diet. In the optimal case, our menu consists of varied, unprocessed, fresh, regional and seasonal organically produced food and that continuously. However, looking at the actual meal plan over the course of a typical week or day reveals that it is not.

In an optimal environment, we would have the opportunity to get all the necessary nutrients from our food, but our food is no longer able to do what it used to be. Our soils were depleted on the one hand by intensive use, poor soil care and the associated erosion, but also by the use of artificial fertilizers.

On average, we take in far too few of the many nutrients that the organism needs for proper functioning and healthy development. This poor diet can make us more susceptible to disease or make us feel limp and lacking in energy. At the same time, our stressful lifestyle and environmental pollution put a lot of strain on our body and deprive it of its last reserves. It can therefore make sense to incorporate superfoods and natural food supplements into our daily diet. Targeted dietary supplements supply the body with the elements that it does not get or only inadequately from conventional food intake, thus helping to maintain health and wellbeing. The additional nutritional requirements must be considered individually when taking nutritional supplements, as there is no universal recipe for all people. The need for additional nutrients is individual and depends on a number of factors. Age, occupation, gender and intensity of physical activities such as sport play an important role in this. Whether the diet is predominantly vegan or vegetarian also plays an important role, which supplements are useful. In addition, more and more people suffer from intolerance, so that they cannot eat certain foods that might contain important nutrients such as fatty acids and minerals. In such cases in particular, it is essential to make sure that you use the right supplement.

Food supplement on a natural basis

Even if it is often difficult for us to take in the right nutrients, nature generally has them ready for us. Therefore, we at  SamaraNatura consider synthetic-based supplements to be ineffective and not useful, all the more because the body does not recognize synthetic ingredients well and can therefore only absorb a small amount of them. Dietary supplements on a natural basis are able to supply the organism with all the substances it needs. These include:

  • Proteins
  • Essentials amino acids 
  • Essential fatt acids like alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and linoleic acid (omega-6)  
  • Minerals: bulk and trace elements
  • Secondary plant substances
  • Prebiotics
  • Antioxidants
  • Enzymes


These substances are often not enough in our daily diet. The reason for this is, among other things, breeding of plants with a focus on their appearance and yield instead of their nutritional value. In addition, there are usually complex production processes such as pasteurization and cooking of food, as well as other manufacturing processes through which many of the nutrients contained in fresh food are lost. Thanks to the possibility of natural food supplements, these can still be supplied to the body in sufficient quantities.

Enjoy life full of power

Dietary supplements not only serve to keep the body healthy by protecting cells or supporting organs, but also help to feel vital and fit. Fatigue, for example, is not only related to a lack of sleep, but can also be caused by poor nutrition, a lack of trace elements and incomplete digestion of nutrients due to a lack of good bacteria in the intestine and of enzymes that are found in raw food. These missing elements can affect how lively and energetic we feel.

The important task of living microorganisms in the intestine

In Japan in particular, the intestine has always been the center of human health. A well-functioning intestinal function and healthy intestinal floara affect both physical, mental and emotional health. In order to promote intestinal health, however, the right support is sometimes required, for example after taking antibiotics. Probiotics and prebiotics play an important role in this. Probiotics are living microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria that occur naturally in the intestine. They not only ensure good digestion, but also have an impact on immune function, brain function and much more. In order for these microorganisms to multiply in the intestine, probiotics are often supplemented by prebiotics. These non-digestible carbohydrates such as oligosaccharides or inulin provide food for the benign bacteria in the large intestine.

Beautiful skin thanks to nutritional supplements

The effects of diet on our bodies are still often underestimated. However, the important role of the nutrients we ingest becomes apparent when it comes to visible signs, such as the structure and consistency of our skin. In fact, beautiful skin is closely related to nutrition. Because like all the other organs, the skin cells need sufficien amino acids, sulfur, enzymes, vitamins (insbesondere Vitamin C und E) (especially vitamins C and E) and other elements in order to be able to develop and protect themselves optimally.

Regular intake for optimal results

So that food supplements can achieve the best possible effect, they should be taken regularly. Our products are usually available as a powder or in capsule form. Exceptions are the probiotic herbal fermented drinks from Vita Biosa, which are available in three different flavors. e.g. Vita Biosa Probiotic Herbs.

Free from additives

In our opinion, food supplements should be of high quality and free of preservatives and flavorings. We therefore try, whenever possible, to offer products in organic and raw food quality, which are also vegan and gluten-free.