Ashwagandha Powder Organic

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Ashwagandha Powder Organic

Our Indian Ashwagandha powder is made from 100% organic Ashwagandha roots. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) belongs to the nightshade family and is also known as Indian ginseng, winter cherry or sleeping berry. The light yellow powder tastes characteristically "rooty" to slightly sweet.


After harvesting, the organic Ashwagandha roots are carefully cleaned, crushed and then sun-dried. After quality control, the root pieces are ground into a fine powder.

Why we love Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic teachings in India. As an adaptogen, it has a balancing and strengthening effect.

How to use

Take 1 teaspoon (3g) once a day with water, juices, smoothies or other drinks, preferably in the evening.

Tip: Lukewarm moon milk for sweet dreams!

Dietary supplement: The product is not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not recommended to use. Keep out of reach of children.

Nutritional values ​​of organic Ashwagandha per daily portion 3g (approx. 1 teaspoon):

Energy value 36kJ/9kcal
Fat 0.01g
Carbohydrates 1.38g
of which sugar 0.45g
Fiber 0.22g
Protein 1.04g

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Camu Camu powder organic
Camu camu powder with 15% vitamin C content The camu camu fruit has the highest documented natural vitamin C content of any food on earth. Compared to oranges, camu camu provides 30-60 times more vitamin C, 10 times more iron, 3 times more niacin, twice as much riboflavin and 50% more phosphorus! Camu camu contains 2-3g of vitamin C per 100g of fresh fruit and around 10-12g per 100g of dried powder. That doesn't seem like much compared to synthetic vitamin C supplements, but the vitamin C in camu camu is a naturally occurring, highly bioavailable form and works synergistically in the body for maximum benefit. Why Consume Camu Camu Powder? We have found camu camu to energize and uplift and improve mood. It helps us stay active and in a good mood throughout the day. A pretty amazing effect for such a small berry. We all know about the great health value of vitamin C, and since there is camu camu, we can dispense with artificial, synthetic forms entirely. For people like us, who are always on the lookout for what nature has to offer, this is a blessing. The berry is 100% natural and a powerful, highly concentrated food. Due to its natural origin and in combination with other vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and amino acids, the vitamin C contained in camu camu is fully absorbed by the body, which is not the case with synthetic vitamin C. What makes our camu camu powder special? SamaraNatura Camu Camu (scientific name: Myrciaria dubia) grows wild in the Peruvian Amazon. The berries are harvested directly into boats equipped with freezing systems. The boats travel the waterways of the Amazon where the fruit is picked at full maturity and flash frozen. At a processing plant, the fruit is then thawed, peeled, liquefied and spray dried. The resulting powder is pale pink to yellow-brown and has powerful ingredients. We receive our camu camu in the form of a pure, unadulterated powder with an orange-light brown colour. It takes about 15kg of berries to make 1kg of powder, which contains 10-12% vitamin C by weight. Therefore, it takes very little to stock up on an effective dose of antioxidants. Camu camu powder: Often different vitamin C content We would like to point out that the vitamin C content of camu camu powder varies greatly. For example, there is also camu camu with only 5-6% vitamin C. When comparing, pay attention to the vitamin C content, because the lower the product, the cheaper it should be. Influence on sustainable development of the Amazon basin We also like that the growing popularity of Camu Camu is contributing to the sustainable development of the Amazon Basin and helping locals maintain their traditional lifestyle. How to use camu camu powder? Like other superfoods, camu camu is very easy to use. Simply mix the powder into your smoothie in the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up drink. Camu camu has a fairly acidic taste, although it does not have an acidifying effect on the body and is easier on the stomach than synthetic ascorbic acid. It therefore tastes best when mixed with other ingredients. Add about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon (2-3 g) to juices, smoothies, ice cream, raw desserts, or simply to your drinking water. It's a great way to balance out the sweetness in fruit smoothies and desserts. Tip: Camunade is a refreshing drink that gives you a good vitamin C boost. Simply sprinkle a teaspoon of camu camu into a glass of cold water (sparkling or still), add a squeeze of lime juice and some sweetener (e.g. agave or yacon syrup) and shake briefly. You can increase the daily amount if necessary (spread the intake over the day), but diarrhea symptoms indicate that you are taking too much camu camu. Nutritional values ​​Bio Camu Camu per daily portion (3g) energy value 11 kcal/46 kJ,fat 0.03g,carbohydrates 2.5g,of which sugar 0g,dietary fiber 0.2g,protein 0.16g,330mg vitamin C (314%*) All information is subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.*the recommended daily dose of approx. 105g according to the DACH reference value. The DACH reference values for nutrient intake are published jointly by the German, Austrian and Swiss societies for nutrition. The abbreviation DACH is derived from the usual country codes for Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH).

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Organic Chia Seeds
Organic Chia Seeds – Little Power Seeds The chia seed is an ancient superfood that has been used by the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas as early as 3500BC. It comes from the desert plant salvia hispanica and it grows in southern Mexico. Chia means "strength" in the language of the Mayans and was used as a “running food” because messengers could run all day with the help of these tiny seeds. Chia seeds were considered medicine and were actually prized more than gold due to their incredible health enhancing properties. Athletes from around the world now include chia in their nutritional regimens during training. Chia is rich in valuable protein, calcium and especially omega-3 fatty acids. It contains a very balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which is  rare in foods. Chia seeds contains potent antioxidants, which not only help you to fight disease and defy age naturally, it also keeps the seeds from going off like other seeds such as flax. Chia can help with weight loss as it makes you feel full longer because the seeds absorb about ten times its weight in water and form a gel. Why we love Chia Seeds Chia seeds are a relatively new addition to our diets. We love them because they are so practical to use and without you noticing it, your body will have that extra dose of nutrition and will be able to assimilate foods much better, at the same time having an extra dose of energy and well being added to your mind and soul! We have been experimenting with these seeds and the result is that we feel uplifted and cheerful, a little bit like cacao does, but without the intensity too much cacao can give you at times. If you are of an athletic type, you will notice the difference in your performance and endurance straight away – it is really something extraordinary. Last but not least: Chia is a very economical, concentrated food. 1/3 cup of dry chia seeds makes about 500g of chia gel. Depending on how much gel you use, those 500g will likely last, on average, about four days. You do not need more than 1-2 tablespoons of Chia gel a day. SamaraNatura Chia Seeds Our chia seeds are heirloom quality and grown without use of pesticides and agrochemicals. There is no heat being used in the processing of our Chia seeds. They go through a shaking procedure to clean them, that’s all! Please note: We are selling chia seeds conform Novel Food Reg. for uses in bread products with max. 5 %. Use The most common way to eat Chia is to first soak the seeds. They can very rapidly absorb a large amount of liquid, between 9-12 times their volume, in under 10 minutes. The Basic Gel To make a basic Chia gel, simply add 1/3 cup of seeds to 2 cups of water. Stir the mixture well to avoid clumping, then leave it in your fridge in a sealed jar. This will yield around 500g of Chia gel and you can begin to eat the gel if you like as just 10 minutes is enough time for the gel to be formed. More of the nutrients will be easily accessible after a few hours however, so many people like to make up a batch like this and leave it in the fridge. It will stay good for some days and you can just reach into the fridge and take out some of the ready-made gel whenever you need. You might add it to smoothies, mix it with salad dressings, make puddings and mueslis, or simply take it by the spoonful. Whole Seeds You can also sprinkle the dry seeds onto salads or add them to muesli mixes. You may also want to experiment with grinding them first in a coffee grinder, to make a chia flour you can then add to smoothies, soups, breads and so on. Chia sprouts are used in a similar manner as alfalfa sprouts in salads, sandwiches and other dishes. Because chia seeds absorb lots of water, they can soak up the water from your body and cause you to dehydrate. Prevent this by drinking lots of water. Or, even better, take the seeds already hydrated so they will not absorb your own body fluids to hydrate. Serving Size Based on the Food and Utility Regulation LGV - Novel Food is the maximum consumption for chia seeds 15g per day. This quantity must not be exceeded. Nährwerte Chia-Samen per daily portion (15g) Energy  275kJ/67kcal Fat 4.7g of which saturated fatty acids 0.6g of which polyunsaturated fatty acids 3.6g Omega-3 fatty acids 2.8g Carbohydrates 0.7g of which sugar 0.1g Dietary fiber 4.7g Protein 3.2g Salt  0.005g

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 3.20* / 100 Gramm)

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Shelled hemp seeds Organic Austria
Shelled hemp seeds - protein rich nutrition Hemp seeds are characterized by an unusually high nutrient density. Rich in easily digestible protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and lecithin in perfect balance for our body. Hemp has an optimal human function ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which is generally regarded as 4: 1. Hemp seeds are thus an excellent brain food, beautify the skin and promote the oxygen supply of the cells. Hemp seeds are a good food for the supply of EFS, with linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid and the rare gamma-linolenic acid. These fatty acids are needed for the production of numerous hormones and cell renewal. They support the functions of the human body to maintain health and contribute to the normal development and growth of the organism. Omega-3 fatty acids are incorporated into the cell membrane and are necessary for their construction and their function. Omega-3 fatty acids have an influence on blood lipid regulation. They contribute to health within a balanced diet. An ideal food for athletes, as edible Muscle builds and strengthens endurance. Vegetarians also benefit from this rich and high-quality protein source. Shelled (also called peeled or hulled) hemp seeds, in contrast to whole seeds, have a low fiber content. Why we love shelled hemp seeds Hemp seeds are a wonderful gift of nature. They are not only one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, but also the most environmentally friendly food ever! Hemp grows everywhere without problems, does not require pesticides or herbicides and is suitable for the production of almost everything we need in our modern society: clothing, paper, biodegradable plastic, fuel, cars, building insulation, just to name a few. In addition, hemps provide excellent health benefits. They contain all essential amino acids and essential fatty acids (including the rare gamma-linoleic acid!) Which the body can not produce by itself and which are necessary for the health of human life. Hardly any other plant source contains essential amino acids in so easily digestible form or the essential fatty acids in a ratio so optimal for human beings! Because shelled hemp seeds are so rich in important nutrients, we take them daily to us in abundant quantity. A feat that is easy to accomplish since peeled hemp seeds are a delicious and versatile food. SamaraNatura shelled hemp seeds SamaraNatura Hemp seeds are obtained from legal, officially approved cultivars cultivated in Austria without pesticides and agrochemicals. The omega-3 content in hemp seed is higher when the plant grows in a cooler climate, as in Germany and Austria. Use shelled hemp seeds Deliciously so, or spread over salads, soups and other dishes; As an ingredient for smoothies, muesli and desserts. Beginner or child (2-9 years): 15-30 grams per day Teenagers (10-18 years): 30-50 grams Adults: 50-75 grams per day Performance athletes: up to 140 grams per day You should eat hemp seeds only raw and not boil. Since it is the enzyme inhibitors typical for many seeds with hemp seeds. You can eat them very raw without having to soak them in water. It is also possible to drink hemp freshly in the form of milk by pouring the shelled seeds into water and possibly foraging them (see recipe). Nutritional values ​​hemp seeds shelled per 100g Energy 2627kJ/635kcalFat 55gof which saturated fatty acids 4.8gOmega-3 fatty acids 10gCarbohydrates 2.8gof which sugars 1.9gFiber 4.1gProtein 29gSalt < 0.03g

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 5.40* / 100 Gramm)

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Yellow Maca powder Organic
Maca - Ancient Superfood from the Andes The root vegetable has been a staple food of the indigenous peoples of the Andes for thousands of years and is an excellent source of energy and stamina.Its content of bioavailable protein is about 11% in the dried root.For legal reasons (Swiss Food Ordinance), as a food retailer we are not allowed to make any statements about possible effects. Do your own research on Maca on the Internet. Among others, we find the site of Dr. Schweikart very informative. The different varieties are also described there. Currently, our assortment includes, in addition to the yellow Maca described here, also the red and black Maca, of course also in organic and raw food quality. In addition, we carry Bio Maca Max, a more digestible variety, in which the starch contained in the Maca powder is converted by heating, so that it is easier to digest and absorb. Why we love Maca Maca increases our energy levels. Maca makes us feel full of energy, grounded and cheerful.Plus, Maca has a pleasant, malty flavor and can be used in many different ways. SamaraNatura Maca Powder yellow Our pure, yellow, Maca powder is made from 100% natural Maca roots from controlled organic cultivation, produced under strict production standards and quality controls. They all come from altitudes above 4000 meters above sea level in the Junín region of Peru.Our suppliers work together with small farmers. In doing so, they create jobs for the regional population and advise the small entrepreneurs by providing training and financial support. This is a means of raising the standard of living of small farmers while increasing their crop yields. How to use Maca Powder Maca has a unique flavor and can be added to many different dishes. Some people find the taste of maca powder somewhat reminiscent of caramel with an upbeat note. Maca powder can be stirred into rice, nut or hemp milk, for example, or simply mixed into muesli. Mix Maca powder with water, milk of your choice or add it to juice, smoothie, muesli or raw desserts. Maca is also a good binder for soups and therefore a delicious addition to them. We especially like maca with oatmeal and as an ingredient in our raw chocolate recipes.It is advisable to start with a small amount of ½ tsp per day and increase up to 1-2 tbsp per day. Unlike soy products, Mexican yam and flaxseed, maca does not contain hormones.Note: A common misconception about superfoods and herbs is that there is a standard usage amount. In general, the usual recommended daily intake for most superfoods, like maca, is between 1 tsp and 3 tbsp per day, divided into two or three doses. It is best to start with 1 tsp per day and adjust the amount to your personal needs. Nutritional values Maca powder yellow per 100g Energy value 1380kJ/327kcalFat 2gCarbohydrates 61g,of which sugar/dont sucres 32gDietary fiber 18gProtein 12g.All data are subject to the usual variations in natural products.

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 7.20* / 100 Gramm)

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Suma Powder
Suma – Brazilian Ginseng (Pfaffia paniculata) The suma root is also known as "Brazilian ginseng" because of its adaptogenic properties, but it does not belong to the ginseng family, but to the foxtail family. Why consume suma? Suma contains a range of nutrients including 19 amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K, pantothenic acid, iron, silicon, magnesium, zinc and antioxidant saponins. What is important is its relatively high proportion of germanium, a powerful antioxidant that can scavenge free radicals and highly reactive oxygen compounds at the cellular level. Antioxidants are important for cell maintenance and function. Suma is known to improve cellular oxygenation and energy efficiency, and to promote performance and endurance. For example, Russian Olympic athletes take Suma to build muscle and improve their condition without the negative effects of steroids. Known in Brazil as “para tudo” (for everything), Suma has been used by the Amazonians for hundreds of years and has traditionally been used to enhance sexual power and raise the body's energy levels. Recommendations for use You can mix suma powder into smoothies, fruit juices and dairy drinks, or use it as an ingredient in granola, homemade chocolate and other foods. We recommend starting with half a teaspoon and increasing to one level teaspoon per day after a week. Due to the special adaptogenic properties, Suma should only be taken when needed and not over a long period of time. We recommend a maximum of 1 month and then a break of at least 1 month. Note: In the event of medical treatment, pregnancy or if you are unsure, ask a specialist about the use of this product. Keep out of reach of children Nutritional values ​​Suma powder per 100g Energy value 263kcal/1091kJfat 3gof which saturated fatty acids 1.6gcarbohydrates 28.5gof which sugar 5gFiber 47.5gProtein 6.8gSalt <0.01g

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Astragalus Powder Organic
Why consume Astragalus? Astragalus powde (Astragalus membranaceus) is a food and is used as part of a balanced diet. For us, Astragalus is perfect on a raw diet, a vegetarian diet, and pretty much any diet. It is best to do your own research on Astragalus. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to provide any further information here, since according to Swiss and EU food law, foods are not allowed to have any properties or effects that are not legally anchored. What makes our Astragalus special? SamaraNatura sources its organically grown Astragalus roots of the highest quality from China, where they receive the Ecocert organic seal at the point of cultivation. Unfortunately, herbs from China are often heavily contaminated with pesticides; This is another reason why organic cultivation and certification are so important to us. The roots are processed gently and at a low temperature so that all components are preserved. Our tragacanth powder is processed without heat. The Importance of Astragalus Astragalus has been used and appreciated by Asian peoples for thousands of years. Also known as Huang Qi or Mongolian Astragalus, this warming root is one of the 60 essential herbs in China. Astragalus is the root of one of the most important plants in China. The herbalists of China discovered and studied it over 2000 years ago. Usage Tips We've experimented with Astragalus and Fo-Ti (many-flowered knotweed) in both hot and cold drinks. This combination is really good, tastes wonderful and gives an energy boost to the body and mind from our experience. The new batch of tragacanth powder is no longer sweet, but has a slightly bitter taste. Nevertheless, it can be stirred well into juices, smoothies, nut milk or any other beverage, whether hot or cold. For a hot drink, boil about 2.4 grams (1 teaspoon) of the ground, dried root in water for a few minutes and then brew the tea. Nutritional values/Valeurs nutritives per/par 100g (serving 1TL = 2.4g) Energy value 1181kJ/283kcal (28kJ/7kcal)Fat 2.5g (0.06g)-of which saturated fat 0.78g (0.02g)Carbohydrates 28.1g (0.7g)-of which sugar 12.3g (0.3g)Fiber 37.4g (0.9g)Protein 18.3g (0.4g)Salt 0.05g (0.001g)

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 7.14* / 100 Gramm)

From CHF 17.86*
Wheatgrass powder organic
Wheatgrass Powder from New Zealand - Mineralising and Purifying After a long absence, our wheatgrass powder from New Zealand is available again from 10th September!Wheatgrass contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, secondary plant compounds and antioxidants. Regular use of wheatgrass powder can help the body maintain its optimal level of all necessary nutrients. Its rich green colour is a testament to its abundance of chlorophyll, which is beneficial. Why is wheatgrass powder healthy? We love grasses and consume them almost daily. They provide almost all the nutrients the body needs, and in a very easily digestible form. They are also cheaper than most multivitamin and multimineral products. It's easier to live a happy and active life in a body that is replenished with all the nutrients it needs! SamaraNatura Organic Wheatgrass Powder Wheatgrass powder is 100% pure, grown without pesticides or agrochemicals and is made from young shoots. The grasses grow outdoors in the sunny, mineral rich and fertile soils of New Zealand. They are harvested before the stalks develop and immediately dehydrated at body temperature. This ensures that the naturally pure, "living" organic ingredients of this superfood, including heat-sensitive enzymes and nutrients, are preserved. Grasses vary in their nutrient content depending on where, when and how they grow. Our grass is grown in very fertile soils in New Zealand. How to use Wheatgrass powder? Add the wheatgrass powder to water, water kefir, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothie, add to food or other drinks. Initially take ½ tsp daily, increasing to 1-2 tsp or more as needed. It is best to drink ½ hour before meals. The amount of powder should only be increased gradually so that the body can get used to it. Note: Wheatgrass powder may have a high content of vitamin K. Prudent use in hypersensitive individuals may be appropriate. Due to its antioxidant properties, grass powders are also suitable for external use. They are ideal for skin and hair care. In powder form, grasses make a good mouthwash and an excellent dental cleanser. The grasses are also excellent for dogs and cats. You can mix the powder into their food, both in dry and moist form. Nutritional values wheatgrass powder per 100g (serving 1TL = 2g) Energy value 1185kJ/284kcal (24kJ/6kcal)Fat 3.5g (0.1g)-of which saturated fatty acids 0.7g (0.01g)Carbohydrates 20.3g (0.4g)-of which sugar 8.4g (0.2g)Dietary fibre 37.8g (0.8g)Protein 24g (0.5g)Salt 0.1g (0.0g)Chlorophyll 1g (20mg)

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 14.06* / 100 Gramm)

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From CHF 35.15*
Chaga powder organic
Organic chaga powder Update: Chaga powder from Estonia is currently not available. To bridge the gap, we bought and packaged a batch of organic Chaga powder from China. This is also of very good quality and very finely ground. Taste, consistency and color are practically identical. Due to the short best before date (August 31, 2024), we are currently offering a 40% discount. Our organic chaga mushrooms are collected from the wild in China, then gently dried and very finely ground. The Chaga powder is brown in color and has a characteristic earthy-woody taste. How do I use Chaga powder? In Russia and Lapland, chaga tea has been drunk as a tonic for centuries. Since we as retailers are not allowed to make any health claims, we recommend that you research the effects on the Internet. Recommended daily dose 3g. To prepare a cup of tea: Pour 1 teaspoon (2-3g) of Chaga powder with hot water (60° C) and let it steep for 15 minutes. Chaga powder can also be added to smoothies, porridge or muesli. Chaga is also an interesting alternative to coffee because it is caffeine-free. Chaga latte recipe Have you tried a chaga latte before?Ingredients: 1 teaspoon chaga powder 3/4 cup hot water (60° C) 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon coconut blossom sugar 1/4 cup coconut milk Preparation: Pour hot water over the Chaga powder and let it steep for 15 minutes. Then mix together with the other ingredients in a mixer until foamy or stir together as a simple Varianet in a cup. When should you be careful with chaga? Diabetics should only use Chaga powder after consulting their doctor. Chaga can slow blood clotting. Chage should not be used when using blood thinning medication. In the event of medical treatment, pregnancy or uncertainty, ask a specialist about the use of this product. Keep out of reach of children. Nutritional values ​​chaga powder per daily portion 3g Energy value 44kJ / 10.5kcalFat 0.05gof which saturated fatty acids 0.01gCarbohydrates 1.64gof which sugar 0.01gDietary fiber 0.60gProtein 0.56gsalt 0.00g

Content: 125 Gramm (CHF 19.76* / 100 Gramm)

Variants from CHF 14.80*
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