Olivenöl Bio Demeter SALAMITA

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Olivenöl extra nativ von Sizilien 

Das kaltgepresste Bio Demeter Olivenöl der höchsten Qualitätsstufe "extra nativ" stammt zu 100% aus italienischen Oliven. Es wird schonend durch mechanische Pressung hergestellt und erfüllt die höchsten Anforderungen bezüglich Geschmack und Zusammensetzung.

Die sizilianischen Oliven verdanken ihren herben und intensiven Geschmack den fruchtbaren Böden und profitieren im Reifungsprozess vom mediterranen Klima und dem wärmespeichernden Lavagestein.


Dieses Olivenöl passt perfekt für würzige Salatsaucen und Dips, aber natürlich auch zum Verfeinern von Vorspeisen und Hauptgängen wie Kartoffelstock, Suppen oder Gemüse.


Sizilien (Italien)

Nährwerte Olivenöl SALAMITA pro 100g

Energiewert 3758 kj (899 kcal)
Fett 72g
- davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 16.5g
Kohlenhydrate 0g
- davon Zucker 0g
Eiweiss 0g
Salz 0g

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Organic Macadamia butter
Cédric Wüthrich from the Bernese oil mill produces the organic Macadamia butter (also called Macadamia-mus or Macadamia-puree) carefully in raw food quality. The Macadamia nuts are ground to a smooth and creamy musculus for 2 to 3 days in a gentle stone grinding process at 32 degrees Celsius. As a result, nutrients and the delicious aroma are optimally preserved.   Warum wir Macadamia-Mus lieben Macadamianüsse sind nicht nur super lecker, sondern enthalten sehr viele mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren, Mineralstoffe (Magnesium, Kalzium, Phosphor, Kupfer) sowie Vitamine B und E. Verwendung Das Macadamia-Mus eignet sich zum Verfeinern von Gemüse-Gerichten, Salatsaucen, Desserts sowie als leckerer Brotaufstrich. Unser Tipp: Mit 1-2 Esslöffeln, 3dl Wasser und ein paar Datteln mixen Sie sich im Handumdrehen eine himmlische und nahrhafte Macadamia-Milch.  Puren Genuss erleben Sie auch indem Sie einfach einen Löffel langsam geniessen. Diverse Verwendungsmöglichkeiten finden Sie in unserer Rezept-Sammlung.   Herkunft: Handwerklich hergestellt in Bern, Macadamianüsse aus Guatemala. Zutaten: 100% Macadamianüsse, aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau. Bio-Zertifizierung: CH-BIO-086

Content: 200 Gramm (CHF 9.45* / 100 Gramm)

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Organic hemp oil - rich in valuable omega-3 fatty acids Update: The new pressing with a best before date of 30. June 2024 is now available. The hemp plant produces oleaginous seeds that contain between 25-35% by weight of oil rich in essential fatty acids (EFA). EFA are fatty acids that humans cannot produce themselves and which they depend on through food. Why consume hemp oil? Hemp oil is an excellent food for supplying EFA, linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid and the rare gamma-linolenic acid. These fatty acids are required for the production of numerous hormones and for cell renewal. Fatty acids support the functions of the human body to maintain health and contribute to the normal development and growth of the organism. Omega-3 fatty acids are built into the cell membrane and are necessary for their structure and function. Omega-3 fatty acids have an impact on blood lipid regulation. They make a contribution to health as part of a balanced diet. Hemp oil in comparison with similar products Hemp has an optimal functional ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids for humans, which is considered to be 4:1. Hardly any other vegetable food source contains the essential fatty acids (EFA) in such an ideal ratio for the human organism! While hemp oil is more expensive than hemp seed, the EFAs in the oil are more readily available and metabolized by the body. Because EFAs are so important to our diet, because most people's bodies aren't functioning optimally, and because hemp is such a nutrient-rich product, we think it's a good idea to include both oil and seeds in your daily diet. Hemp oil for skin care The oil can also be used externally for skin care, even if the skin is in poor condition, as it is easily absorbed and provides a lot of moisture. What makes our cold-pressed organic hemp oil special? Most oils sold in the supermarket are extracted at too high temperatures and with solvents and then refined. The oils lack the beneficial properties and contain harmful trans fatty acids as a result of hydrogenation. Our hemp oil is gently cold-pressed in Austria from local organic hemp seeds, filled into dark-tinted bottles, sealed and stored in a cool place to preserve the impressive nutritional properties of the oil. 1 liter of hemp oil is obtained from 5 kg of unpeeled hemp seeds. It has a beautiful green-yellow colour and has a nutty, slightly grassy taste. Please note that oils should be pressed with minimal heat because the higher the temperature, the faster the oil will be destroyed by light, oxygen and other chemical reactions. A change in the fatty acid molecules caused by heat also affects the nutritional and biological value of the oil. Use of organic hemp oil in everyday life It is not suitable for frying and should only be used raw. Hemp oil gives salad dressings, marinades, mayonnaise, dips and spreads a spicy touch. It can be used instead of or in conjunction with olive, walnut and safflower oils. Intake for a person with average build/body fat profile can be 1-3 tablespoons (up to 50ml) per day. Nutritional values ​​organic hemp oil per 100g Energy 3441 kJ/837 kcalFat 93gfrom that- saturated fat 8.8g- monounsaturated fatty acids 13g- polyunsaturated fatty acids 70gcarbohydrates 0gof which sugar 0gprotein 0gsalt 0gVitamin E 76mg (633% NRV*)Omega-3 fatty acids (α-linolenic acid) 16 g/100 ml*the recommended daily dose of 12mg according to the Food Ordinance

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Organic camelina oil, cold-pressed from Swiss camelina seeds This golden yellow organic camelina oil was obtained from Swiss camelina seeds and pressed below 30 degrees Celsius. In order to maintain the raw food quality, the producer (Naturkostbar AG) uses special, cooled oil mills. Camelina oil is very rich (approx. 35%) in omega 3 fatty acids, also called alpha-linolenic acid. In contrast to linseed oil, camelina oil has a significantly longer shelf life (it becomes bitter much less quickly) and still has a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. How to use of camelina oil With its wonderful taste, which is reminiscent of peas, camelina oil is ideal for flavoring vegetable dishes, salads and dip sauces. Like most cold-pressed oils, this camelina oil is sensitive to heat and is therefore mainly suitable for cold dishes. Excessive heating, e.g. roasting, can produce toxic compounds. In order to maintain the quality of the oil for as long as possible, we recommend storing the camelina oil in the refrigerator. Nutritional values ​​camelina oil per 100g Energy value 3400kJ / 830kcalFat 92gof which monounsaturated fatty acids 29gof which polyunsaturated fatty acids 53gof which saturated fatty acids 9gCarbohydrates 0gof which sugar 0gDietary fiber 0gProtein 0gSalt 0.0gVitamin E 17.5mg (146% *) * Reference amount / daily dose for an average adult (8400kJ / 2000kcal) 

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Cold pressed Swiss organic hemp oil from the Bernese oil mill This bio-certified hemp oil was obtained from Swiss hemp seeds and pressed under 37 degrees Celsius. It is very rich in omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid) and omega 6 (linoleic acid) fatty acids, which are also in the optimal ratio 1:3. Use: With its wonderful taste, hemp oil is ideal for the flavoring of vegetable dishes and salads. A homemade saladsauce with hemp oil is great and is doing well! Hemp oil is also suitable for application on the skin and hair, because it can have a regenerative and cell-regenerating effect. Note: Cold-pressed oils (except for coconut oil) are sensitive to heat and are therefore mainly suitable for use in the cold kitchen. When strongly heated, e.g. roasted, poisonous compounds can arise. Producer: Cédric Wüthrich from the Bernese oil mill produces high-quality oils, certified according to Swiss Organic Ordinance CH-BIO-086 and in raw food quality.

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Cold-pressed high-oleic organic sunflower oil from Soyana This bio-certified high-oleic sunflower oil comes from specially cultivated sunflowers. It contains approx. 75% monounsaturated fatty acids and is therefore particularly suitable for heating and frying. Normal sunflower oil, on the other hand, contains only about 23% mono-saturated (omega-9 fatty acids) but about 60% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also, safflower oil, walnut oil, pumpkin kernel oil and linseed oil have a high proportion (> 50%) of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which the body needs to form important body-specific substances. Essentially, our body can not form these fatty acids ourselves, which is why we are dependent on the intake of 19g per day of our food. The oils mentioned are basically healthy as long as they are not heated. This causes the polyunsaturated fatty acids to disintegrate and poisonous degradation products and free radicals form. Use high-oleic oils (also called HO or HOLL), coconut oil (contains many saturated fatty acids) or roast butter. A slightly older but clear article can be found in the Ktipp of 8 September 2009. Nutritional values high-oleic organic sunflower oil per 100ml Energy values ​​1590 kJ / 380 kcalProtein 1.4gCarbohydrates 3.7gFat 40g

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Flaxseed Oil Organic
Flaxseed oil from Swiss organic flaxseed: freshly and cold-pressed and unfiltered Update: Pre-order now for the next pressing on April 15th, 2024. 250ml and 500ml are filled into BPA-free tin bottles (black matt design). The 100ml remains in the familiar Miron glass bottle for several months. The next linseed oil pressing will take place on Monday 15. April 2024. Please place your pre-order by Sunday evening 14. April. Shipping will be on Wednesday 17. April with Post Pack Priority, so delivery should be on Thursday. Below you will find all other order data. Flaxseed oil is one of our favorite products because: Very tasty: Freshly pressed flaxseed oil does not taste bitter at all (in the first weeks), but rather has a slight nutty taste. Organic: Producer Jakob Bachofner's brown organic flax seeds come from their own fields in Fehraltorf. Cold pressed: Due to mill water cooling, the oil temperature remains at 28-32°C throughout the pressing. Regional: Fehraltorf is only 10 km from our warehouse in Wetzikon. Home delivery is CO2 neutral with Swiss Post. Why is flaxseed oil so healthy? With approximately 50% alpha-linolenic acid/omega 3, flaxseed oil is one of the most potent suppliers of this important fatty acid. Just 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil covers the daily requirement of 2 g of alpha-linolenic acid for an adult. Omega-3 fatty acids are of great importance for our metabolism. They are important building blocks of our cell membranes, they have an anti-inflammatory effect, protect cells against premature aging and strengthen the immune system. You can find more interesting information about omega-3 fatty acids in our health guide. Use Fresh flaxseed oil is a real delight! Jakob Bachofner of the Oelerei presses flaxseed oil from organic flax seeds from his own fields in Fehraltorf freshly and with a press cooled with raw food grade water at 28-32°C - feel the difference. It is not filtered, but left in the refrigerator for 1 day so that the cloudy matter can settle. The flaxseed oil is then bottled, transported to the warehouse and shipped the same day. It is possible that very little cloudy material (it is a little darker) settles at the bottom of the bottle. It can be consumed without hesitation. Linseed oil goes perfectly with cold and lukewarm dishes such as salad, potatoes and muesli. It can also be enjoyed pure (1 tablespoon daily). Linseed oil is also suitable for external use on very dry skin. Linseed oil favorite recipes We ourselves have been enthusiastic flaxseed oil consumers for many years, which is why we are happy to list our favorite recipes for inspiration: Raw almond milk with a fresh apple and linseed oil Budwig-Crème-Müesli (based on low-fat quark and linseed oil) Golden milk with linseed oil Chia pudding with linseed oil Apple and cinnamon porridge with linseed oil Wholemeal bread with cottage cheese, linseed oil and sprouts Vegan mayonnaise with almond butter and linseed oil Potato salad with linseed oil Tomato and onion salad with basil and linseed oil Experiment: Drizzle the linseed oil and some salt over half an avocado. What is your favorite linseed oil recipe? Let us know and we'll be happy to add it to the list. Ordering process for freshly pressed flaxseed oil from Swiss flaxseed To pre-order, buy the flaxseed oil as usual online, send us an email to info@samaranatura.ch or give us a quick call on 044 586 27 27. On Monday morning we place our order with Jakob Bachofner from the Oelerei. He presses the flaxseed oil on Monday. Then the freshly pressed organic flaxseed oil has to rest for a day in cold storage for sedimentation (lowering of turbid matter). The bottles are filled on Wednesday morning and I immediately bring the bottles to our social logistician in Wetzikon. He sends all orders (flaxseed oil with any other items ordered) on Wednesday with Post Pack Priority (without a SFR 2 surcharge), so you should receive your order on Thursday of the same week. Freshly pressed flaxseed oil only for pre-orders Due to the sensitivity to heat and the short shelf life, we do not keep flaxseed oil in stock, but only accept pre-orders from September to June, which are then carried out once a month. In the warm months, shipping is done with cooling pads. Size variants and prices The organic flaxseed oil can be ordered in 3 different sizes: 100ml for SFR 10.- resp. from 3 pieces SFR 9.50250ml for SFR 20.- resp. from 3 pieces SFR 19.- 500ml for SFR 33.- resp. from 3 pieces SFR 31.35 Order deadlines 1th semester 2024 Sunday April 14th, 2024Sunday May 12th, 2024Sunday June 9th, 2024 Durability Shelf life after pressing is 3 months. Please always keep the flaxseed oil in the refrigerator, even before opening the bottle for the first time. This slows down the oxidation that occurs very quickly in flaxseed oil. Our flaxseed oil is specially packaged in dark violet Miron glass to protect it from sunlight and the associated premature oxidation. There are 2 options for extending the shelf life: Very modern refrigerators sometimes have a 0-degree zone. Stored there, the flaxseed oil can be kept for about a month longer, or you can freeze it, which extends the shelf life to 6 months. Once opened, the bottle should be consumed within 3-4 weeks. Important instructions Flaxseed oil and camelina oil are not the same. While flaxseed oil is pressed from flaxseed, camelina oil comes from camelina. Camelina oil has a longer shelf life, but at around 35% it has a lower proportion of alpha-linolenic acid/omega 3. Cold-pressed oils (except coconut oil) are heat-sensitive and are therefore mainly suitable for cold dishes. Toxic compounds can form when heated to high temperatures, e.g. when roasting. Nutritional values of organic flaxseed oil per 100g Energy 3475 kJ / 830 kcalFat 93g- of which saturated fatty acids (palmitic acid and stearic acid) 8g- monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) 19g- polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid) 67gcarbohydrates 0gof which sugar 0gprotein 0gsalt 0g Compared to other oils, linseed oil has a very high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Depending on the seed, it is 10-30% linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) and 40-70% alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid), which can be converted by the body into DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). Origin Switzerland, chilled pressed by Jakob Bachofner in Fehraltorf with flaxseed from our own fields in Fehraltorf ZH. New producer with pictures After our former producer unfortunately had to go out of business, we started looking for a new solution in the summer of 2021. There were various options with high-quality producers of chilled-pressed organic oils, but in the end we found the most suitable alternative in Jakob Bachofner from the Oelerei in Fehraltorf. The main reason is the short distance of just 10 kilometers between the oil production and our warehouse in Wetzikon. This enables us to deliver the flaxseed oil to you even one day earlier/fresher - it couldn't be faster. Jakob produces high-quality oils, certified organic according to the Swiss organic regulation CH-BIO-086. Here are a few pictures of the cultivation and harvesting of the flaxseed from Fehraltorf. Flaxseed oil, Flaxseed blossoms unfold   Flax capsules in close-up The flax is ready for harvest Mowing with the disc mower Drying the flax in the sun for 2 days Thresh flax with the combine harvester The water-cooled oil mill to press linseed oil in raw food quality Jakob Bachofner in the field

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Cedar Nut Oil organic cold-pressed
Cold pressed organic cedar nut oil - the gold of the taiga The precious amber-colored cedar oil has been used in all of Russia for centuries. The taste is pleasantly nutty.Due to the careful processing and cold pressing of organic cedar nuts from the Altai mountains in Siberia, many vital substances are preserved. Why we love cedar nut oil We use cedar oil regularly in the cold kitchen, because we love the taste and change with the oils. It contains over 26% mono-saturated fatty acids (EFS) and over 65% polyunsaturated fatty acids (MUFS). Cedar nut oil is one of the few oils that have a high vitamin E content (about 30 mg per 100 g). Vitamin E can help to protect the cells from oxidative stress. Siberian cedar nut oil Siberian cedar nut oil is generally regarded as reinforcing. In addition, in Russia various cosmetics contain cedar nut oil, because of this, for the maintenance of healthy skin beneficial properties. Use cedar nut oil The oil tastes particularly delicious for leaf or mixed salads, lightly warm dishes and raw food specialties. Take 1 teaspoon (3 ml) up to 3 times a day. Like most cold-pressed oils, the heating of the quality damages considerably. Therefore, it should be used only for cold to light warm meals. Notes: Store cool, dry and protected against light, since cedar oil is very sensitive to UV light. In particular direct sunlight should be avoided. Keep it in the refrigerator for the first time. Nutritional values ​​Cedar nut oil Nutritional Facts / Nutritional Facts per 100 g / 100 g Energy / Energy 3429 kJ (902 kcal) Fat / fat 92.5 gOf saturated / saturated 7.4 gMonounsaturated fatty acids 24.6 gPolyunsaturated fatty acids 60.5 g Carbohydrates / carbohydrates 0 gOf which sugar / sugars 0 g Protein / protein 0 gSalt / Salt 0 mgVitamin E 30.6 mg = 255% * *) Reference for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)

From CHF 17.77*