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Spirulina tablets Hawaii - superfood for sparkling vitality

Spirulina is a unicellular, thread-like blue-green algae and one of the first life forms on this planet. Richer in high-quality protein (contains 18 amino acids) than any other food, the microalga also has an abundance of vitamins, minerals, important antioxidants such as SOD and phycocyanin, polysaccharides and the rare gamma-linolenic acid. The high density of vital substances brings vitality and well-being. The antioxidants can intercept free radicals and highly reactive oxygen compounds, so they are important for the maintenance and function of the cell.

Our Spirulina Pacifica has been cultivated in Hawaii for over 25 years and is considered one of the highest quality spirulina in the world. Due to a special, oxygen-free drying system, nutrients and enzymes are largely retained in contrast to other processes.

Why is spirulina valuable?

Spirulina is a valuable food. The alga is incredibly rich, a "whole food". It is believed that it contains all the vital substances that the human body needs and, in conjunction with Chlorella, can provide almost perfect proportions of the most important nutrients!

Spirulina is at the forefront of the nutritional revolution. With its rich composition and the ability to grow even under unfavorable conditions, the microalgae has great potential to become a food source that will help feed the world's population. When we integrate spirulina into our diet, we are helping to resolve the food crisis.

SamaraNatura Spirulina

Our Spirulina is called Spirulina Pacifica and is a selected strain of Spirulina platensis, which has developed over many years of cultivation in Hawaii. Spirulina Pacifica has been extensively analyzed by molecular biologists from the University of Hawaii. They identified new enzymes that were not found in other Spirulina platensis strains.

Spirulina Pacifica is grown in open ponds 20 cm deep, a few hundred meters from the Pacific. To fill the ponds, fresh water is mixed with sea water from a depth of 600 m, which is rich in minerals and trace elements. The other most important substances in terms of quantity for cultivation are baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) in food quality and carbon dioxide. Food grade fertilizers are also used. Paddle wheels move the water to provide the algae with even exposure to sunlight for optimal growth conditions and nutrient uptake.

The spirulina is dried very gently in a special, oxygen-free drying system so that more nutrients and enzymes are retained - e.g. over 40% more ß-carotene and over 75% more zeaxanthin - than is possible with other conventional drying systems.

The Hawaiian spirulina is grown without pesticides and herbicides and does not contain any genetically modified organisms.

Fluctuating green color

According to information from the producer in Hawaii, the color can vary from batch to batch. Depending on the time of harvest (season) and other factors. The current batch is dark green. Earlier batches were often blue-green.

Use Spirulina Tablets Hawaii

1-2 tablets 3 times a day, ideally half an hour before meals.

If you find that your energy levels are running low as the day progresses, take some spirulina with water and watch your body feel 1-2 hours later. You will be amazed.

Recommended amounts:

  • Beginners and children: 1-2g per day
  • Adults: 3g per day

If taken in combination with Chlorella, we recommend a ratio of 2: 1 (Spirulina: Chlorella).

Composition Spirulina Hawaii tablets

Spirulina platensis (98.5%), silica (1%), chicory inulin (0.4%), magnesium stearate (0.1%).

Important: Silica, chicory inulin and magnesium stearate are used by the producer as a pressing aid. If you are looking for 100% pure powder, then we recommend Spirulina Hawaii powder or Spirulina Taiwan tablets, to which no pressing aids are added.

Nutritional values ​​Spirulina platensis per daily portion (3g / 6 tablets)

Energy value 42kJ / 10kcal
Fat 0.2g
Carbohydrates 0.3g
of which sugar 0.02g
Protein 2g
Provitamin A (β-carotene) 2.7mg (57% *)
Iron 5 mg (36% *)
Magnesium 15mg (5% *)
Vitamin K (K1, K2) 40 µg (40% *)
Chlorophyll 19 mg
Phycocyanin 270mg

* the recommended daily dose / apport journ. recommandé


Pack of 125 g contains approx. 250 tablets of 500 mg.
Pack of 250 g contains approx. 500 tablets of 500 mg.

Nutritional supplement info

The product is not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Vitamin A and iron contribute to the normal function of the immune system and normal cell division. Vitamin K contributes to normal blood clotting.Note: In the event of medical treatment, pregnancy or uncertainty, ask a specialist about the use of this product. Keep out of reach of children.

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Ein hochwertiges Produkt und so praktisch einzunehmen

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Ich habe verschiedene Spirulina-Tabletten ausprobiert. Diese mag ich am liebsten. Ausserdem werden diese auch von Anthony William empfohlen.

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Man sagt das beste Spirulina

Wie bei allen Produkten von Samaranatura schätze ich die sehr gute Qualität und die grossartige Beratung bei allen Fragen. Hier weiss ich, dass ich mich auf gute Qualität verlassen kann. Ich lege sehr viel Wert auf Bio und vegan - und das finde ich hier. :-)

11 November 2016 20:53

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Es ist ein sehr hochwertiges Produkt - habe schon mehrere andere ausprobiert - und unterstützt mich sehr gut bei meiner 2x jährlichen Entgiftungskur.