Sunflower Lecithin powder Organic

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Organic sunflower lecithin powder - contains the natural total lecithin complex

SamaraNatura Sunflower Lecithin Powder

Our organic sunflower lecithin powder is versatile as a natural emulsifier. Due to its unique structure, it effectively combines fat and water. Sunflower lecithin contains the natural total lecithin complex (mixture of different phospholipids) from the sunflower seeds. Phospholipids are, among other things, components of cell membranes and play an important role in our entire metabolism.

The yellow sunflower lecithin is tasteless and free of gluten and carriers. In addition, it is generally GM-free because no genetic engineering is used in sunflower cultivation (in contrast to soy cultivation).

Manufacture and origin

The organic sunflower seeds are mechanically pressed to produce the oil. The lecithin is then isolated from the oil by CO2 extraction. The result is a powdered, de-oiled pure lecithin. This process completely dispenses with the use of solvents.

Our sunflower lecithin powder is produced in China, as the world's only CO2 deoiling system is located there.

How to use sunflower lecithin

The sunflower lecithin has a pleasant taste and is suitable as a food additive for smoothies and muesli as well as an emulsifier.

Sprinkle 1 heaping tablespoon (approx. 10g) over the muesli or add to smoothies or nut milk. Suitable for chocolate production. Can also be eaten straight.

The sunflower lecithin should be protected from light and moisture (always close the bag well) and stored at room temperature.



Allergic reaction

Although it is basically allergen-free, we have received the information from a customer who has a strong allergic reaction to sunflower seeds that he also has allergic reactions to sunflower lecithin. We therefore recommend consumers who are allergic to sunflower seeds to dose the sunflower lecithin carefully or to do without it altogether. Possible alternatives would be soy lecithin or almond puree, which also contains lecithin.

Packaging sizes

Bag of 200g powder.

Best before date

The current batch has best before date September 30th, 2024.

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18 June 2018 16:03

Neutraler Geschmack

Endlich einmal ein Sonnenblumenlecithin, welches Geschmacksneutral ist.