Cacao beans Criollo unpeeled organic

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Cacao Beans Criollo unpeeled organic

Our Criollo cacao beans from one of the best fine flavor cacao varieties in the world are raw and 100% pure.

Why buy cacao beans?

Cacao has all the benefits of chocolate without the undesirable high sugar content and additives.

It has been determined that raw cacao contains around 300 substances. Cacao has the highest magnesium content of any food. Magnesium is a component of bones and teeth, plays an important role in energy metabolism and is essential for normal muscle function and energy metabolism. Magnesium also plays a role in skeletal structure and is important in the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system during muscle contraction.

Cacao beans contain a combination of substances that induce feelings of well-being and joy in us.

By the way: The Aztecs regarded cacao beans as a gift from God - not only as an offering, but also as a means of payment.

What makes our cacao beans special?

Our cacao beans are raw, which means they are only fermented and not roasted. The cacao develops its typical aroma through fermentation. The beans come from the Criollo fine flavor cacao variety from Peru, which is one of the rarest and best varieties in the world.

Fine flavor cacao varieties only account for 5-10% of global cacao production. They grow under similar, often almost natural, conditions as they do not tolerate direct sun and thrive alongside other tall rainforest trees. The industrial cacao Forastero, on the other hand, is usually grown in monoculture plantations.

Our fine flavor cacao is cultivated without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

As the name suggests, fine flavor cacao beans taste better, finer and less bitter than bulk cacao beans. Criollo cacao beans are slightly fermented and thus develop their typical cacao aroma.

How to integrate into the daily diet?

On its own as a snack or sprinkle on muesli and fruit salad. Add to desserts and smoothies. Cacao beans taste particularly good in combination with goji berries or nuts.

Cacao beans are practical for on the go and when travelling, as they do not soften in the blazing sun like chocolate.

Tip: If more sweetness is preferred, the beans can be dipped in agave syrup or honey. Our favorite is Medjool dates with 1-2 cacao beans in them for a high-energy, stimulating snack.

Nutritional values ​​Criollo organic cacao beans per 100g

Energy value 1830 kJ/437 kcal
protein 13g
carbohydrates 23g
of which sugar 1g
Fat 46g
of which saturated fat 29g
dietary fiber 23g
Magnesium 314mg (75% of the recommended daily dose).

All information is subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.

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Suma – Brazilian Ginseng (Pfaffia paniculata) The suma root is also known as "Brazilian ginseng" because of its adaptogenic properties, but it does not belong to the ginseng family, but to the foxtail family. Why consume suma? Suma contains a range of nutrients including 19 amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K, pantothenic acid, iron, silicon, magnesium, zinc and antioxidant saponins. What is important is its relatively high proportion of germanium, a powerful antioxidant that can scavenge free radicals and highly reactive oxygen compounds at the cellular level. Antioxidants are important for cell maintenance and function. Suma is known to improve cellular oxygenation and energy efficiency, and to promote performance and endurance. For example, Russian Olympic athletes take Suma to build muscle and improve their condition without the negative effects of steroids. Known in Brazil as “para tudo” (for everything), Suma has been used by the Amazonians for hundreds of years and has traditionally been used to enhance sexual power and raise the body's energy levels. Recommendations for use You can mix suma powder into smoothies, fruit juices and dairy drinks, or use it as an ingredient in granola, homemade chocolate and other foods. We recommend starting with half a teaspoon and increasing to one level teaspoon per day after a week. Due to the special adaptogenic properties, Suma should only be taken when needed and not over a long period of time. We recommend a maximum of 1 month and then a break of at least 1 month. Note: In the event of medical treatment, pregnancy or if you are unsure, ask a specialist about the use of this product. Keep out of reach of children Nutritional values ​​Suma powder per 100g Energy value 263kcal/1091kJfat 3gof which saturated fatty acids 1.6gcarbohydrates 28.5gof which sugar 5gFiber 47.5gProtein 6.8gSalt <0.01g

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Agave Syrup Organic
Premium agave syrup in raw food quality What is agave? The agave is a cactus-like plant from Mexico. Agave syrup is a delicious sweetener made from the juice inside agaves that are at least eight years old. The Mexicans traditionally collected the sweet juice ("aguamiel") from various agaves in order to make sweeteners and special drinks for celebrations. Why buy agave syrup? Agave syrup is a vegan alternative to honey and has a pleasant taste, like a mixture of honey and maple syrup. It can be used in many ways as a sweetener. Only the very gently processed agave syrup like ours has a low glycemic index and is only slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. It is therefore particularly recommended for people who are sensitive to sugar. What makes our agave syrup special? Most conventional agave syrups, including those from organic farming, are made from 3-6 different agave species and have been heated up and pasteurized, as the juice of the agave spoils quickly after it has been removed. The contained healthier multiple sugars (polysaccharides, mainly in the form of inulin) are converted into simple sugars. They have lost a large part of their nutrients! Our agave syrup is obtained exclusively from the Salmiana agave, is processed very gently and at low temperatures and is therefore of the best quality available on the market. No pesticides or other agrochemicals are used in cultivation. The syrup is produced in special vacuum containers in which the water it contains evaporates at very low temperatures. The valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes are largely preserved and available for our body. Because our agave syrup is 100% natural, it has a stronger taste and a darker color than commercially available concentrated juices. How to use in the daily diet? Agave syrup is characterized by a high, neutral sweetness. It enhances the aroma and is easily soluble in cold and warm dishes and drinks. Ideally suited for baked goods and due to the low tendency to crystallize for the production of jams and jellies. Nutritional values ​​agave syrup per 100g Energy value 1672 kJ / 400 kcalFat 0.4g- of which saturated 0gCarbohydrates 99.3g- of which sugar 96.5gDietary fiber 0.2gProtein 0.1gSalt 0g

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Yacon Syrup Organic - Delicious, prebiotic sweetener Yacon is grown in the high mountain valleys of the Andes and has a dense root system that is full of minerals, vitamins and complex vital substances. The freshly squeezed juice of the root is a gift from nature and has been enjoyed by the Andean peoples for centuries. The special thing about Yacon is the quality of its sugar, which is mainly in the form of oligofructose (or fructooligosaccharides). Oligofructose cannot be used by the digestive enzymes and therefore hardly causes any calories and protects the blood sugar level. In addition, as a prebiotic, oligofructose supports a healthy intestinal flora. An ideal sweetener for diabetics, health-conscious and diet-conscious people alike. Why we love Yacon Syrup Yacon tastes delicious and has half as many calories as honey, for example. And on top of that, its sugar hardly increases the blood sugar level and avoids strenuous blood sugar highs and lows. Yacon syrup is also significantly less glycemic than honey, agave or maple syrup. The oligofructose in Yacon also supports the beneficial bacteria in the colon, thereby improving digestion and absorption of nutrients. The indigestible sugar thus serves the beneficial bacteria as prebiotic food. SamaraNatura Yacon Syrup Our yacon syrup comes from traditional varieties from the Peruvian Andes and is 100% natural, grown without pesticides and agrochemicals. It is produced at low temperatures, which guarantees that the syrup retains a very high quality of nutrients and enzymes. This yacon syrup is thickened from yacon juice in a special vacuum process at low temperatures of 45°C. Since this yacon syrup can only be kept for a relatively short time without pasteurization, it is pasteurized at 70°C for 3 minutes. The syrup is therefore not raw food, but processed very gently, which means that the valuable nutrients and enzymes in the roots are largely retained. How to use Yacon syrup can be used in many ways as a sweetener. It can be used to sweeten desserts, drinks and smoothies. For salad dressings, we like to mix the syrup with vinegar, as a substitute for balsamic vinegar, which usually contains a lot of sugar. The sweetness of the syrup is less strong than the sweetness of sugar, honey or agave syrup. To support a healthy intestinal flora, 1 teaspoon is sufficient daily. For a better shelf life, we recommend storing the yacon syrup in the refrigerator. Nutritional values ​​SamaraNatura organic Yacon Syrup per 100g Energy value 1227 kJ / 293kcalFat 0g- of which unsaturated fatty acids 0gCarbohydrates 71g- of which sugar 25gDietary fiber 7gProtein 0gSalt 0g    

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Coconut blossom sugar – Deliciously sweetener Coconut blossom sugar is derived from the blossom nectar of coconut trees and has a wonderful caramel-like flavour. It is a great, mineral-rich alternative to cane sugar and contains a lot of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. Moreover, a natural source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, C and amino acids (especially glutamic acid). Coconut sugar is extremely low glycaemic (GI=35) and thus provides a slow release of energy and protects blood glucose levels. This is promising news for those concerned with health issues such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and gallstones. Our coconut palm sugar is made ​​from 100% coconut nectar from Coco Nucifera. For the health conscious consumers and diabetics, it can be considered to be one of the best sweeteners. Why we love Coconut Sugar SamaraNatura coconut palm sugar tastes very similar to brown sugar, but better! It has a rich, sugary, sweet caramel flavour that enhances the flavour of whatever you use it in. Many chefs praise how coconut sugar made their culinary treats more flavourful and delicious. Best of all, coconut sugar has a much lower glycaemic index compared to other sweeteners, which means it produces a slow energy release, which sustains the human body through your daily activities without regular sugar highs and lows. And we love the fact that this sweetener is one of the few truly sustainable ingredients in the world! In terms of people, health and environment, coconut sweeteners provide benefit every step of the way. Lifting communities out of poverty, bringing much needed nutrients into the human body in a mode (sweets) that often does just the opposite, and in preserving rainforest, protecting fragile tropical biomes and indeed promoting the return of devastated land back to balance. SamaraNatura Coconut Sugar Our coconut blossom sugar is 100% natural, organic, unbleached, free from additives and artificial flavouring. Only sap from coconut trees is harvested, this is not palm sugar where other palm varieties would be used and compromise the exquisite quality. Our coconut sugar is a sustainable product and supports local communities and families in Indonesia. Please note that some palm sugar on the market are also mixed with cane sugar and other malt-based ingredients. Our coconut sugar is pure, unadulterated coconut palm sugar made from 100% coconut nectar from Coco Nucifera. Coconut palm sugars are not produced from the same palm species as is used for the production of palm oil. Our granulated coconut palm nectar is not raw. By raw, we mean processed at temperatures under 42°C. We prefer to have higher quality and let remove as much moisture from the coconut sugar as possible. This results in a drier final product if compared to other coconut sugars in the market. We feel this allows more flexibility for the end user and means you are not buying water weight. Use of Coconut Sugar Coconut sugar melts easy in hot and cold beverages, is delicious in desserts, smoothies, and pastries. A small spoonful of our rich caramel coconut sugar is a healthy treat to overcome cravings and gives instant energy. Cocnut sugar can be used 1:1 as a replacement for cane sugar in any recipe. Nutritional information Coconut Sugar per 100g Energy value 1625 kJ / 388 kcal,Fat 1g,of which saturated fatty acids 0.5g,Carbohydrates 93g,of which sugar 92.5g,Fiber 2.2g,Protein 1g,Iron 1.8mg (13% *),Potassium 1g (50% *),Zinc 1.9mg (19% *),Magnesium 31mg (8% *).* the recommended daily dose. All information is subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.

Content: 500 Gramm (CHF 1.98* / 100 Gramm)

Variants from CHF 9.41*
CHF 9.90*
Cacao butter Criollo Chips organic
Organic Cacao butter Criollo Chips Why buy cacao butter chips? Cacao butter is the solid form of the pure oil from the cocoa bean. The cocoa bean is an amazing food given to us by Mother Nature. It was viewed by the Aztecs as a gift from God and was used not only as an offering but also as a means of payment. It is estimated that raw cacao contains more than 300 substances and is one of the foods with the most antioxidants. It enriches many dishes with a wonderful, sensual chocolate aroma and is also ideal for skin care. What makes our cacao butter Criollo Chips special? Our cacao butter is 100% pure and raw food quality. Grown in Peru. No chemicals are used in cultivation or processing. This cacao butter is the pure, golden oil from cacao beans. Our cacao butter is made from the particularly fine and rare fine cacao variety Criollo. Fine cacao varieties only make up 5-10% of global cacao production. They grow under similar, often almost natural conditions, as they cannot tolerate direct sun and thrive next to other, high rainforest trees. Forestero industrial cacao, on the other hand, is usually grown in monoculture plantations. In contrast to conventional products, our cacao butter is never heated above 37°C and thus has the same quality as raw butter. Use of cacao butter Criollo chips in dishes / for recipes As a high-quality fat, cacao butter enriches smoothies, desserts and ice cream in particular with a wonderful, sensual chocolate aroma. Ideal in combination with cacao paste or cacao powder for fine chocolate creations. Raw cacao butter has a wonderful, delicate chocolate aroma, is versatile and melts in any type of recipe at approx. 35°C. Use of cacao butter Criollo chips for skin care Cacao butter is also suitable for external use as a valuable skin care product. Due to its high content of antioxidants and skin-protecting substances, cacao butter is a natural "fountain of youth" for the skin. With a melting point just below body temperature, you can simply slide a piece of cacao butter over the skin without the need for any additives. Cacao butter nourishes, is well absorbed and gives dry skin a long-lasting, supple feeling. And it has a sensual, aphrodisiac scent. A truly sensual oil with a gently soft structure and a mildly floral citrus aroma. Unfortunately, cacao butter can hardly develop its precious effect in most conventional cosmetic products. This is due to the small amount, the processing at too high temperatures and the addition of chemical additives in skin care products. In contrast to many, even expensive, cosmetic products that contain cacao butter, our raw cacao butter has been processed or mixed without synthetic and harmful chemicals. This way, raw cacao butter can fully develop its precious effect on the natural beauty of our skin. Info: Only chips on offer Due to the demand, we only offer Criollo cacao butter as chips. These chips (also called coins, drops) are of the same quality as the fragments previously offered and are also made from Criollo cacao beans from Peru. The butter chips are easier to use / dose because they are always the same size. Size variants We offer cacao butter Criollo Chips as standard in 250g and 500g bags. Do you need large quantities? We are happy to fill 5kg or 10kg bags on request. Nutritional values ​​organic cacao butter Criollo chips per 100g Energy value: 3766 kJ / 900 kcal Fat: 99.8g of which saturated: 65g Carbohydrates: 0g of which sugars: 0g Fiber: 0g Protein: 0g   All information is subject to the usual fluctuations for natural products.              

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 3.60* / 100 Gramm)

From CHF 17.10*
Cacao paste Criollo Chips Organic
Organic Criollo Cacao mass (paste) in practical chips form Update from January 30th, 2023: Due to the more frequent use of language, we have renamed the product name cocoa paste to cacao mass. The product is one to one the same as before. Because they are always the same size, cacao mass chips (also called cocoa paste or cocoa liquor) are much easier to use/dosage than the broken pieces previously offered and are also suitable, among other things, as a sugar-free chocolate substitute. What makes our cacao mass special? Criollo fine flavor cacao from Peru, which is one of the rarest and best varieties in the world Grown under semi-wild conditions and obtained by finely grinding the beans (raw food quality) Cultivated without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers Very gentle processing that preserves vitamins, minerals, enzymes and countless other substances - for optimal absorption by the body Contains a wealth of antioxidants and the combination of serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenetylamine (PEA) has a mood-enhancing effect Rich in magnesium Fine flavor cacao variety Gran Cru Criollo Fine flavor cacao varieties only account for 5-10% of global cacao production. They grow under similar, often almost natural, conditions as they do not tolerate direct sun and thrive alongside other tall rainforest trees. The industrial cacao Forastero, on the other hand, is usually grown in monoculture plantations. As the name already suggests, fine flavor cacao tastes better, finer and less bitter than consumer cacao because, like cacao nibs, it still contains the entire proportion of cacao butter (approx. 55%). Criollo cacao beans are slightly fermented and thus develop their typical cocoa aroma. Why consume cacao? The cacao bean is an amazing food given to us by Mother Nature. It was considered a gift from God by the Aztecs and used not only as an offering but also as a means of payment. It has been determined that raw cacao contains around 300 substances and is one of the foods with the highest antioxidant content! Cacao can therefore make a significant contribution to protecting our cells from free radicals and premature aging. Cacao has the highest magnesium content of any food. Magnesium is important for the heart, brain, to calm and relax nerves and muscles, and to build bones and cartilage. Together with other active ingredients, cacao is an ideal brain food and promotes mental alertness and concentration. Cacao beans contain a combination of substances that have a positive effect on our mood and induce feelings of well-being and joy. And cacao has a lot of sulphur, which is important for strong nails, healthy hair and beautiful, soft skin. What is cacao mass (paste) used for? The cacao mass can be used excellently in all chocolate recipes. Mix cacao paste in smoothies or with ice cream, fruit salad, muesli and desserts. Ideal in combination with cacao butter for fine chocolate creations. Size variants We offer cacao mass Criollo Chips as standard in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags. Do you need large quantities? We are also happy to fill 5kg or 10kg bags on request. Nutritional values Organic Cacao mass Criollo chips per 100g Energy value: 2585 kJ/625 kcalFat: 53g  of which saturated fatty acids: 32.3gCarbohydrates: 17.3g  of which sugar: 3gDietary fiber: 10.5gProtein: 14.5gSalt: 0.1gMagnesium: 314mg (75% of the recommended daily intake)All information is subject to the usual fluctuations of natural products.

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 6.80* / 100 Gramm)

Variants from CHF 16.15*
CHF 17.00*