Broschüre Apfeldicksaft in Rohkostqualität

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Broschüre Apfeldicksaft in Rohkostqualität

50 Seiten Inspiration von Urs & Rita Hochstrasser mit leckeren Apfeldicksaft-Rezepten, interessanten Tipps & Tricks sowie schönen Fotos. s. Aktuelle Auflage = 1. Auflage 2015.


  • Drinks / Smoothies / Frappées: u.A. Carob-Mandelshake, Smoothie der Unsterblichkeit
  • Suppen: u.A. Crème de Muscat provencale, Pastinakensuppe mit Walnüssen
  • Hauptspreisen: Sonnenblumensprossen an Senfsauce, Sauce Neptun
  • Süssspeisen: u.A. Blaubeeren-Diplomat auf Kaki-Vanillesauce, Pralinen Royal
  • Eis:u.A. Carob-Bananen-Eis, Orangen-Sorbet
  • Spezielles: u.A. Sauce Royale, Tomaten-Rohkost-Ketchup

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Organic hemp oil from Austria
Organic hemp oil - rich in valuable omega-3 fatty acids Update: The new pressing with a best before date of 30. June 2024 is now available. The hemp plant produces oleaginous seeds that contain between 25-35% by weight of oil rich in essential fatty acids (EFA). EFA are fatty acids that humans cannot produce themselves and which they depend on through food. Why consume hemp oil? Hemp oil is an excellent food for supplying EFA, linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid and the rare gamma-linolenic acid. These fatty acids are required for the production of numerous hormones and for cell renewal. Fatty acids support the functions of the human body to maintain health and contribute to the normal development and growth of the organism. Omega-3 fatty acids are built into the cell membrane and are necessary for their structure and function. Omega-3 fatty acids have an impact on blood lipid regulation. They make a contribution to health as part of a balanced diet. Hemp oil in comparison with similar products Hemp has an optimal functional ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids for humans, which is considered to be 4:1. Hardly any other vegetable food source contains the essential fatty acids (EFA) in such an ideal ratio for the human organism! While hemp oil is more expensive than hemp seed, the EFAs in the oil are more readily available and metabolized by the body. Because EFAs are so important to our diet, because most people's bodies aren't functioning optimally, and because hemp is such a nutrient-rich product, we think it's a good idea to include both oil and seeds in your daily diet. Hemp oil for skin care The oil can also be used externally for skin care, even if the skin is in poor condition, as it is easily absorbed and provides a lot of moisture. What makes our cold-pressed organic hemp oil special? Most oils sold in the supermarket are extracted at too high temperatures and with solvents and then refined. The oils lack the beneficial properties and contain harmful trans fatty acids as a result of hydrogenation. Our hemp oil is gently cold-pressed in Austria from local organic hemp seeds, filled into dark-tinted bottles, sealed and stored in a cool place to preserve the impressive nutritional properties of the oil. 1 liter of hemp oil is obtained from 5 kg of unpeeled hemp seeds. It has a beautiful green-yellow colour and has a nutty, slightly grassy taste. Please note that oils should be pressed with minimal heat because the higher the temperature, the faster the oil will be destroyed by light, oxygen and other chemical reactions. A change in the fatty acid molecules caused by heat also affects the nutritional and biological value of the oil. Use of organic hemp oil in everyday life It is not suitable for frying and should only be used raw. Hemp oil gives salad dressings, marinades, mayonnaise, dips and spreads a spicy touch. It can be used instead of or in conjunction with olive, walnut and safflower oils. Intake for a person with average build/body fat profile can be 1-3 tablespoons (up to 50ml) per day. Nutritional values ​​organic hemp oil per 100g Energy 3441 kJ/837 kcalFat 93gfrom that- saturated fat 8.8g- monounsaturated fatty acids 13g- polyunsaturated fatty acids 70gcarbohydrates 0gof which sugar 0gprotein 0gsalt 0gVitamin E 76mg (633% NRV*)Omega-3 fatty acids (α-linolenic acid) 16 g/100 ml*the recommended daily dose of 12mg according to the Food Ordinance

Content: 250 ml (CHF 6.20* / 100 ml)

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CHF 15.50*
Coconut oil organic
Cocnut Oil - Healthy Allround-Product Update from November 15th, 2022: The new batch of our coconut oil is now available. On the right side you can choose the variants 500ml or 1000ml. Why buy organic coconut oil? Naturally aromatic taste Use in the kitchen and for personal hygiene High heat stability For weight loss support The digestible coconut oil with its naturally fragrant, mildly aromatic taste is a must for us in the kitchen! A big advantage of coconut fat in contrast to other oils is that it is very heat-stable. It is therefore ideal for cooking, frying and baking. And it also has a long shelf life. Coconut oil does not make you fat and is even said to help you lose weight, as it is immediately converted into energy by the body. The special saturated fatty acids of coconut (so-called MCT fats) - and here in particular the high content of lauric acid - are of great nutritional and physiological benefit. Breast milk also consists largely of these medium-chain fatty acids, which do not contain any cholesterol themselves, but promote the production of healthy, vascular-protecting HDL cholesterol. Coconut oil also has valuable properties for cosmetics. Coconut oil cares for skin and hair and provides moisture, promotes well-being, a beautiful appearance and a vital radiance. This is also known in Asia, where coconut oil has been used as a rich source of food, beauty and care products for centuries. What makes our coconut oil special? Extraction from fresh fruit meat Organic certification Gentle processing Coconut palms are ancient crops and have been grown for at least 3000 years. When it comes to coconut oil, it is particularly important to pay attention to the quality of the product, because many of the coconut fats available on the market are industrially hardened and deodorized. For our virgin coconut oil, the pulp of freshly harvested organic coconuts is gently dried for one to two days and then cold-pressed. The result is coconut oil with a subtle coconut taste. The coconut oil is certified organic, unbleached, not deodorized and without any additives. The unhardened, unrefined "Virgin Coconut Oil" convinces with its excellent properties and particularly high content of valuable lauric acid. Both sizes (500ml and 1 liter) are filled into a practical, reclosable white glass. This can later be used as a storage jar for powder, nuts and much more. Where does our coconut oil come from? The current batch is from the Philippines. Tips for use: In the kitchen and for personal care You can use the oil, which has a firm consistency in the refrigerator, for example as a butter substitute, spread or for salad dressing. However, due to its fatty acid structure, it can also be used for frying at high temperatures and gives sauces, Asian dishes and other dishes a subtle exotic note. Very tasty in desserts and homemade chocolates. Insider tip: pour a teaspoon of warm coconut oil over ice cream. Applied as a hair care or hair treatment, it makes brittle hair supple and shiny. To do this, massage coconut oil into dry hair, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Coconut oil has a firm consistency at room temperature and begins to melt and turn into oil at around 25 degrees. Nutritional values ​​coconut oil per 100g Energy value 3688 kJ / 896 kcalFat 99.8g- of which saturated fatty acids: 94.5gCarbohydrates 0g- of which sugar 0gDietary fiber 0gProtein 0.6gSalt 0g  

Content: 500 ml (CHF 2.20* / 100 ml)

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Carob powder organic
Carob powder - made from the pods of the carob tree Update: Sale of the current 250g batch with a best-before date of 06/30/2023 with a 50% discount (CHF 4.60-. instead of 9.20). The carob powder can still be used and enjoyed for several months afterwards. The 500g bags (select on the right) are already from the new batch with best before 01/31/2024. Carob is a legume that grows on the carob tree, a wild, evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean, and has been used as a sweetener and nutritious natural snack for thousands of years. Carob was well known to the ancient Greeks, and they spread the seeds of this plant in Greece and Italy. Carob is naturally sweet and fewer sweeteners are required when used in recipes. It has a low glycemic index, is low in fat and extremely nutritious, high in calcium, protein and fiber. Benefits of carob powder Little familiar to Carob thinks it's a healthy version of (high sugar and high fat) chocolate, but it's so much more. We like to mix carob with raw cocoa for a sweet and healthy treat, because cocoa has a lot of magnesium and, compared to cocoa, carob contains three times as much calcium, a third fewer calories and only 1% fat. SamaraNatura organic carob powder Our organic carob powder from Spain is gently heated and ground to dry in order to preserve taste, color and nutrients. Due to the drying process of well over 42° C, it is no longer raw food. Due to the different needs, we offer carob powder in 2 sizes: 250g and 500g. This can be selected at the top right under "Weight". How to use Use carob powder to sweeten dishes, in desserts, smoothies, sprinkled on your muesli, as an ingredient in raw chocolate and cakes as well as in quick and nutritious snacks. Tip: Hemp protein squares with carob and goji berries. You can find the recipe under Nutritional values ​​carob powder per 100g Energy value 1271kJ/303kcalFat 0.3gof which saturated fatty acids 0.1gCarbohydrates 52.8gof which sugar 47.1gFiber 41.3gProtein 4.8gSalt 0.0gCalcium 358 mg (45% *),Iron 3mg (21% *),Magnesium 56mg (15% *).* the recommended daily dose.All information is subject to the usual fluctuations for natural products.

Content: 500 Gramm (CHF 3.28* / 100 Gramm)

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Almond Butter Organic Soyana
Organic almond butter 1kg in raw food quality - very nutritious & versatile! Urs Hochstrasser, Swiss raw-food pioneer, helped develop this white organic almond puree and has been using it for over 20 years in his gourmet raw food cuisine. Almond puree is sometimes referred to as almond butter or almond butter. Characteristics Soyana organic almond butter The white almond purees are usually made from blanched almonds. By boiling in boiling water for a short time, the brown skin of the almond can be easily peeled off. The soyana almond puree is one of the few in raw food quality and is never heated above 40 ° in the production. Only exquisite organic almonds are used for the production. Why we love almond butter The almond butter is very nutritious, has a delicious almond flavor and a slightly sweet note. Due to its creamy consistency, it is not only smoothies & Co., but can also be enjoyed in between. Use The almond puree is suitable in the vegan kitchen instead of- dairy products for milkshakes, smoothies and soups- eggs for sauces, creams and desserts of all kinds (for example with carob powder).as well as for spreads. Tip: Mix with 3 tablespoons of almond butter and 5dl of water a nutritious almond milk in an instant. If you like it sweet, apple juice, agave syrup and yacon syrup and carob powder are suitable. Good best before date We regularly order new batches from Soyana, which is why the sell-by date of the almond puree is usually between 9 and 12 months. It is therefore worth ordering at least 3 pieces, because then a 5% quantity discount and postage-free shipping (from SFR 100 order value) are granted. Nutrition facts Organic Almond Butter per 100g Energy 2499 kJ / 672 kcalProtein 20.8gCarbohydrates 5.2g,of which sugar is 4.9gDietary fiber 10.4gTotal fat 55.6g, of which- Saturated FS 4.2g- Simply unh. FS 39g- Multiple uns. FS 10.8g- Cholesterol 0gWater 4.5g Calcium (Ca) 249 (31% * of the recommended daily dose)Iron (Fe) 3.96 (28% *)Sodium (Na) 16.8Phosphorus (P) 498 (71% *)Magnesium 198 (53% *)Potassium 813 (40% *) vitaminsA in μg 18.1E in mg 24.7 (205% *)B1 in mg 0.21 (19% *)B2 in mg 0.53 (37% *)Niacin (PP or B3) in mg 3.1 (19% *) Nutrition information comes from the Soyana homepage (producer).

Content: 1000 Gramm (CHF 3.79* / 100 Gramm)

From CHF 37.91*
Agave Syrup Organic
Premium agave syrup in raw food quality What is agave? The agave is a cactus-like plant from Mexico. Agave syrup is a delicious sweetener made from the juice inside agaves that are at least eight years old. The Mexicans traditionally collected the sweet juice ("aguamiel") from various agaves in order to make sweeteners and special drinks for celebrations. Why buy agave syrup? Agave syrup is a vegan alternative to honey and has a pleasant taste, like a mixture of honey and maple syrup. It can be used in many ways as a sweetener. Only the very gently processed agave syrup like ours has a low glycemic index and is only slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. It is therefore particularly recommended for people who are sensitive to sugar. What makes our agave syrup special? Most conventional agave syrups, including those from organic farming, are made from 3-6 different agave species and have been heated up and pasteurized, as the juice of the agave spoils quickly after it has been removed. The contained healthier multiple sugars (polysaccharides, mainly in the form of inulin) are converted into simple sugars. They have lost a large part of their nutrients! Our agave syrup is obtained exclusively from the Salmiana agave, is processed very gently and at low temperatures and is therefore of the best quality available on the market. No pesticides or other agrochemicals are used in cultivation. The syrup is produced in special vacuum containers in which the water it contains evaporates at very low temperatures. The valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes are largely preserved and available for our body. Because our agave syrup is 100% natural, it has a stronger taste and a darker color than commercially available concentrated juices. How to use in the daily diet? Agave syrup is characterized by a high, neutral sweetness. It enhances the aroma and is easily soluble in cold and warm dishes and drinks. Ideally suited for baked goods and due to the low tendency to crystallize for the production of jams and jellies. Nutritional values ​​agave syrup per 100g Energy value 1672 kJ / 400 kcalFat 0.4g- of which saturated 0gCarbohydrates 99.3g- of which sugar 96.5gDietary fiber 0.2gProtein 0.1gSalt 0g

Content: 250 ml (CHF 3.96* / 100 ml)

Variants from CHF 9.41*
CHF 9.90*
Yacon Syrup Organic
Yacon Syrup Organic - Delicious, prebiotic sweetener Yacon is grown in the high mountain valleys of the Andes and has a dense root system that is full of minerals, vitamins and complex vital substances. The freshly squeezed juice of the root is a gift from nature and has been enjoyed by the Andean peoples for centuries. The special thing about Yacon is the quality of its sugar, which is mainly in the form of oligofructose (or fructooligosaccharides). Oligofructose cannot be used by the digestive enzymes and therefore hardly causes any calories and protects the blood sugar level. In addition, as a prebiotic, oligofructose supports a healthy intestinal flora. An ideal sweetener for diabetics, health-conscious and diet-conscious people alike. Why we love Yacon Syrup Yacon tastes delicious and has half as many calories as honey, for example. And on top of that, its sugar hardly increases the blood sugar level and avoids strenuous blood sugar highs and lows. Yacon syrup is also significantly less glycemic than honey, agave or maple syrup. The oligofructose in Yacon also supports the beneficial bacteria in the colon, thereby improving digestion and absorption of nutrients. The indigestible sugar thus serves the beneficial bacteria as prebiotic food. SamaraNatura Yacon Syrup Our yacon syrup comes from traditional varieties from the Peruvian Andes and is 100% natural, grown without pesticides and agrochemicals. It is produced at low temperatures, which guarantees that the syrup retains a very high quality of nutrients and enzymes. This yacon syrup is thickened from yacon juice in a special vacuum process at low temperatures of 45°C. Since this yacon syrup can only be kept for a relatively short time without pasteurization, it is pasteurized at 70°C for 3 minutes. The syrup is therefore not raw food, but processed very gently, which means that the valuable nutrients and enzymes in the roots are largely retained. How to use Yacon syrup can be used in many ways as a sweetener. It can be used to sweeten desserts, drinks and smoothies. For salad dressings, we like to mix the syrup with vinegar, as a substitute for balsamic vinegar, which usually contains a lot of sugar. The sweetness of the syrup is less strong than the sweetness of sugar, honey or agave syrup. To support a healthy intestinal flora, 1 teaspoon is sufficient daily. For a better shelf life, we recommend storing the yacon syrup in the refrigerator. Nutritional values ​​SamaraNatura organic Yacon Syrup per 100g Energy value 1227 kJ / 293kcalFat 0g- of which unsaturated fatty acids 0gCarbohydrates 71g- of which sugar 25gDietary fiber 7gProtein 0gSalt 0g    

Content: 250 ml (CHF 9.52* / 100 ml)

Variants from CHF 21.85*
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Apple syrup Soyana organic
Apple syrup Soyana Bio in raw food quality made from 100% Swiss apples This organic apple syrup was developed by Swiss raw food pioneer Urs Hochstrasser to "sweeten life with a clear conscience". Soyana produces the organic apple syrup in raw food quality from 100% Swiss organic apples according to Urs' strict guidelines. Due to the gentle thickening at below 43° C (in contrast to many other sweeteners, which are pasteurized), many enzymes and nutrients are preserved. Use organic apple syrup With its fruity apple aroma, it is perfect for sweetening smoothies, raw food desserts and cakes. In combination with tart or maltier dry powders such as cocoa and maca, we recommend using the caramel agave syrup (raw food) or yacon syrup (non-raw food) for taste reasons. Nutritional values apple syrup per 100ml Energy value 1390 kJ / 327 kcal,fat 0g,carbohydrates 81g,of which fruit sugar 72.1g,of which D-fructose 43.2g and D-glucose 16g and sucrose 13g,protein 0.6g,salt 0.05g. Ingredients 100% organic apples Additional information organic apple syrup Content: 5dl/700g. Packaging: PET bottle. Made in Switzerland from Swiss organic apples. purely vegetable (vegan); lactose-free; gluten-free; allergens: free; intolerances: none

Content: 700 Gramm (CHF 2.77* / 100 Gramm)

CHF 19.40*
Soyana Nama-Organic-Barley-Miso
Soyana Nama-Bio Gersten-Miso 250g - unpasteurisiert Unpasteurisiertes Bio Gersten-Miso von Soyana. Nama bedeutet höchste Qualität nach tradionellen japanischen Herstellungsmethoden. Bei der Herstellung dieses Miso werden die Sojabohnen gekocht und anschliessend 2 Jahre in Holzfässern fermentiert. Bei der Vergärung werden Nährstoffe freigesetzt und für die Darmflora förderliche, probiotische Bakterien gebildet, je Gramm enthält es mehrere Millionen Bakterien. Zudem enthält es sehr viele Enzyme, die für die Verdauung förderlich sind. Auf die übliche Konservierung durch Pasteurisierung wird verzichtet. 250 g reichen für ca. 41 Portionen à 6 g/1 TL. Zutaten Gerstenkörner*, ganze Soyabohnen*, Bergquellwasser, Koji (Aspergillus oryzae), Meersalz.  *aus kontrolliertem BioAnbau. Verwendung Nama Bio Gersten-Miso Für Saucen, Salate, Suppen, grüne Shakes, Sushi, Dipps und Brotaufstrich.  Tipp: Espressolöffel Miso in ein grünes Salatblatt einrollen und die Geschmacksentfaltung im Mund genissen. Nährwerte Bio Gersten-Miso pro 100g Energie: 598kj / 143kcalFett: 5g,davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 1gKohlenhydrate 9.1g,davon Zucker 4.8gBallaststoffe 6.7gEiweiss 12.7gSalz 10.37g. Enthält Gluten. Cholesterin frei. Allergene: Soya, Gerste.

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 3.48* / 100 Gramm)

CHF 8.70*
Turmeric powder Organic
Turmeric powder - the Ayurveda super spice Turmeric contains essential oils, the yellow dye curcumin, enzymes and gives the curry its typical light yellow color. In our latitudes, it is now widely known as spice. But turmeric is much more; One of the most important medicinal plants. Since we as merchants can not make any health promises, we refer to various reports on the Internet. The turmeric content of the powder is approx. 6%. However, in order to achieve a noticeable effect, 3 to 5 grams (approximately one teaspoon) should be taken daily. A versatile use in the kitchen is therefore required. Pearls of Samarkand Organic Turmeric Powder High quality and very aromatic 100% pure nature Without preservatives or other additives raw food Vegan The turmeric powder comes from 1400 small farmers and is produced in the cooperative MASS in India. Use Turmeric powder The Turmeric powder is not only suitable for seasoning many oriental dishes such as Moroccan vegetable dish or Indian curry. Rather, it should be installed daily in the beverage and diet plan. Application possibilities are smoothies, soups, quiche, lasagna, casserole, spaetzle, pancakes, sauces, spread, dips. Many recipes can be found on the Internet, e.g. at Have you ever tasted a sweet and savory curcuma? This warms the body from inside, protects it and is quickly prepared. Ingredients: 2dl cow or plant milk 1/2 TL turmeric powder (frequent users can also take 1 TL) 1/2 teaspoon ginger grated 1 teaspoon coconut oil 1 tbsp Agave or Yacon Dicks 1 pinch of pepper 1 pinch of cinnamon Heat all the ingredients in a small frying pan and leave for 10 minutes. Average nutritional value of turmeric powder per 4g: Energiewert 60kJ / 14kcalFat 0.4gOf which saturated fatty acids 0.12gCarbohydrates 2.3gOf which sugar 2.3 gProtein 0.3gsalt 3.6mg

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 5.32* / 100 Gramm)

Variants from CHF 6.65*
From CHF 13.30*
Black Cumin Oil organic
Cold pressed organic black cumin oil from the Bernese oil mill This organic-certified black cumin oil was obtained from Egyptian seeds of the Nigella sativa and pressed under 32 degrees Celsius. Black cumin oil is a very powerful oil with a wonderful fragrance. Because of its sharpness, it is advisable to mix the black cumin oil dropwise with another cold-pressed oil (e.g. olive oil). Use: Black cumin oil is ideal for seasoning arab dishes, sauces and pestos or salad dressings. Insider tip: Also in the Müesli super delicious! Note: Cold-pressed oils (except for coconut oil) are sensitive to heat and are therefore mainly suitable for use in the cold kitchen. When strongly heated, e.g. roasted, poisonous compounds can arise. Producer: Cédric Wüthrich from the Bernese oil mill produces high-quality oils, certified according to Swiss Organic Ordinance CH-BIO-086 and in raw food quality.

CHF 25.00*
Camelina oil organic
Organic camelina oil, cold-pressed from Swiss camelina seeds This golden yellow organic camelina oil was obtained from Swiss camelina seeds and pressed below 30 degrees Celsius. In order to maintain the raw food quality, the producer (Naturkostbar AG) uses special, cooled oil mills. Camelina oil is very rich (approx. 35%) in omega 3 fatty acids, also called alpha-linolenic acid. In contrast to linseed oil, camelina oil has a significantly longer shelf life (it becomes bitter much less quickly) and still has a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. How to use of camelina oil With its wonderful taste, which is reminiscent of peas, camelina oil is ideal for flavoring vegetable dishes, salads and dip sauces. Like most cold-pressed oils, this camelina oil is sensitive to heat and is therefore mainly suitable for cold dishes. Excessive heating, e.g. roasting, can produce toxic compounds. In order to maintain the quality of the oil for as long as possible, we recommend storing the camelina oil in the refrigerator. Nutritional values ​​camelina oil per 100g Energy value 3400kJ / 830kcalFat 92gof which monounsaturated fatty acids 29gof which polyunsaturated fatty acids 53gof which saturated fatty acids 9gCarbohydrates 0gof which sugar 0gDietary fiber 0gProtein 0gSalt 0.0gVitamin E 17.5mg (146% *) * Reference amount / daily dose for an average adult (8400kJ / 2000kcal) 

CHF 9.00*
Hemp oil Swiss organic
Cold pressed Swiss organic hemp oil from the Bernese oil mill This bio-certified hemp oil was obtained from Swiss hemp seeds and pressed under 37 degrees Celsius. It is very rich in omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid) and omega 6 (linoleic acid) fatty acids, which are also in the optimal ratio 1:3. Use: With its wonderful taste, hemp oil is ideal for the flavoring of vegetable dishes and salads. A homemade saladsauce with hemp oil is great and is doing well! Hemp oil is also suitable for application on the skin and hair, because it can have a regenerative and cell-regenerating effect. Note: Cold-pressed oils (except for coconut oil) are sensitive to heat and are therefore mainly suitable for use in the cold kitchen. When strongly heated, e.g. roasted, poisonous compounds can arise. Producer: Cédric Wüthrich from the Bernese oil mill produces high-quality oils, certified according to Swiss Organic Ordinance CH-BIO-086 and in raw food quality.

CHF 16.00*
Hazelnut oil organic
Cold pressed organic hazelnut oil from the Bernese oil mill This bio-certified hazelnut oil was obtained from Italian hazelnuts and pressed under 37 degrees Celsius. It is very rich in omega 9 fatty acids.Use: With its wonderful nutty flavor, hazelnut oil is ideal for flavoring salads (combined with olive oil) and raw food. Note: Cold-pressed oils (except for coconut oil) are sensitive to heat and are therefore mainly suitable for use in the cold kitchen. When strongly heated, e.g. roasted, poisonous compounds can arise. Producer: Cédric Wüthrich from the Bernese oil mill produces high-quality oils, certified according to Swiss Organic Ordinance CH-BIO-086 and in raw food quality.

CHF 14.50*
Almond butter brown Naturkostbar organic
Brown organic almond butter Naturkostbar carefully produces the organic almond butter (also known as almond butter or almond puree) in raw food quality. We usually have 2 sizes in our range: 200g (standard version) and 550g. To change the size, please adjust the "Weight Variants" on the right-hand side. The unpeeled organic almond kernels are ground into a smooth and creamy pulp in a gentle stone grinding process at below 38 degrees Celsius for 2 to 3 days. As a result, nutrients and the delicious aroma are optimally preserved. Why we love almond butter Almonds are not only super tasty, they also contain many polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein, minerals (magnesium, calcium and copper), vitamins E, B2 and B3 as well as thiamine and folic acid. Use The almond butter is suitable for refining vegetable dishes, salad dressings, yoghurts, desserts, ice cream, smoothies/shakes and as a delicious spread. Our tip: With 1-2 tablespoons of almond butter, 3dl of water, a few dates and a pinch of cinnamon, you can mix a delicious and nutritious almond milk in no time at all. Alternatively, you can sweeten them with agave syrup, yacon syrup or apple syrup. You can also experience pure pleasure by simply slowly enjoying a spoonful of almond butter. You can find various possible uses in our recipe collection. Origin Brown almond butter The brown almond butter is handcrafted by Naturkostbar in Uetendorf near Thun. The organic almonds (raw food quality) come from Spain. Ingredients 100% unpeeled almond kernels from controlled organic cultivation. Nutritional information Almond butter brown Nutrient Øper 100g/100ml%*1*1 Reference amount for an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal) Energy 2508kJ (607kcal) 30% Fat 53g 76% of which saturated fatty acids 5.08g 25% of which monounsaturated fatty acids 36g 240% of which polyunsaturated fatty acids 11.9g - Carbohydrates 3.9g 2% of which sugars 3.5g 4% Fiber 12.6g 25% Protein 22.3g 45% Salt 0.03g 1% B-carotene (provitamin A) - - Vitamin A - - Vitamin B1 0.3mg 27% Vitamin B2 0.4mg 29% Vitamin B3 4.2mg 26% Vitamin B6 0.1mg 7% Vitamin B12 - - Vitamin C - - Vitamin D - - Vitamin E 12mg 100% Vitamin K - - Biotin 10µg 20% Calcium 270mg 34% Chloride 40mg 5% Chrome - - Iron 4.8mg 34% Fluoride - - Folic acid / folacin 48µg 24% Iodine 2µg 1% Potassium 760mg 38% Copper - - Magnesium 240mg 64% Manganese - - Molybdenum - - Pantothenic acid 0.5mg 8% Phosphorus 510mg 73% Selenium - - Zinc 6mg 60%

Content: 200 Gramm (CHF 5.95* / 100 Gramm)

CHF 11.90*
Organic Macadamia butter
Cédric Wüthrich from the Bernese oil mill produces the organic Macadamia butter (also called Macadamia-mus or Macadamia-puree) carefully in raw food quality. The Macadamia nuts are ground to a smooth and creamy musculus for 2 to 3 days in a gentle stone grinding process at 32 degrees Celsius. As a result, nutrients and the delicious aroma are optimally preserved.   Warum wir Macadamia-Mus lieben Macadamianüsse sind nicht nur super lecker, sondern enthalten sehr viele mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren, Mineralstoffe (Magnesium, Kalzium, Phosphor, Kupfer) sowie Vitamine B und E. Verwendung Das Macadamia-Mus eignet sich zum Verfeinern von Gemüse-Gerichten, Salatsaucen, Desserts sowie als leckerer Brotaufstrich. Unser Tipp: Mit 1-2 Esslöffeln, 3dl Wasser und ein paar Datteln mixen Sie sich im Handumdrehen eine himmlische und nahrhafte Macadamia-Milch.  Puren Genuss erleben Sie auch indem Sie einfach einen Löffel langsam geniessen. Diverse Verwendungsmöglichkeiten finden Sie in unserer Rezept-Sammlung.   Herkunft: Handwerklich hergestellt in Bern, Macadamianüsse aus Guatemala. Zutaten: 100% Macadamianüsse, aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau. Bio-Zertifizierung: CH-BIO-086

Content: 200 Gramm (CHF 9.45* / 100 Gramm)

CHF 18.90*
Ceylon Cinnamon powder Organic
Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder - Premiumquality that you taste  This first-class cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka, the original home of the cinnamon tree, is fine and pure, with a particularly intensive fragrance and taste from genuine Ceylon cinnamon. It is, without a doubt, the tastiest and freshest cinnamon powder we have ever tried. Genuine cinnamon has been used by man since at least 3000 BC and has been growing naturally in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Burma. Ceylon cinnamon was introduced to the European market by the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama in 1502, which he brought from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Nowadays it is more common to find in the market the Cassia cinnamon variety, which comes from China, rather than the more aromatic genuine cinnamon. The aroma of the cinnamon tree comes primarily from cinnamon oil as well as further aromas such as eugenol, which also occurs in cloves, and coumarin. The genuine cinnamon is not only used for seasoning, but also has a long traditional use as medicine that is now scientifically documented (*1). For example, it is now known that cinnamon stimulates the appetite, promotes digestion and is also useful for bacterial and fungal infections, inflammation and for the regulation of the blood sugar. Cinnamon contains a very high antioxidant capacity of 131'420 μmol TE / 100g (ORAC value = Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity). It is with regret that we are unable to share with you more information about this product. Various Swiss legislation prevents us (and all other food business operators) from claiming that these products can offer any possible health benefits. We recommend you do your own research on the Internet about this product, - this is an example of a useful website Zentrum der Gesundheit  (german). Why we love organic ceylon cinnamon powder We are in love with this cinnamon powder - the unique and particularly aromatic cinnamon fragrance and taste, bring the warm childhood memories of the heavenly cinnamon sugar. Coconut sugar with cinnamon surpasses even the taste experience and is also a healthy alternative to white sugar! Apple sauce with cinnamon is another childhood classic. Recently we have been using cinnamon more regularly, espeically in our evening turmeric drink (Facebook/Blog-Link) as well as in chocolate drinks, and curry dishes and teas. The healing properties of cinnamon are a very welcome "side effect”.   Pearls of Samarkand Cinnamon Powder The harvesting and drying process of the cinnamon is done very quickly, creating the optimal conditions to achieve the particularly intense and fresh fragrance and taste of this 100% pure Ceylon cinnamon. Our cinnamon comes from organic farming, from two local fair trade organizations with 2,500 participating farmers. Thanks to the collaboration with Fairtrade, the farmers have their livelihood secured and earn their independence. With the Fairtrade projects such as clean drinking water, school materials for the children and education projects can be paid for. Organic cultivation and fair trade relations have a very decisive impact on the quality of the product. Many work steps are carried out traditionally and exclusively by hand. ✓Controlled organic cultivation  ✓Raw food quality  ✓Vegan ✓Fairtrade  ✓Premium Quality and very aromatic  ✓100% pure nature  ✓Without preservatives or other additives Usage of cinnamon powder In smoothies, desserts, chocolate drinks, coffee, curry dishes, spice teas, nut milks and fruit juices. Nutritional values  Average Nutritional values Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder pro 100g  Energy value   1137kJ/272kcal  Fats  3.2g    of which fatty acids  0.9g  Carbohydrates  56g    of which sugars  33g  Proteines  3.9g  Fibers  6.1g All values are subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products. Storage Store in a cool, dry and dark place. References *1)

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 7.00* / 100 Gramm)

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Ginger Powder Organic
Organic Ginger Powder Sri Lanka Update: 50% discount (SFR 8.50 instead of 17.-) on the current batch with a best-before date of January 31, 2024. A fine and pure, particularly fresh and intensively scented ginger powder! The original home of ginger has not been clarified with certainty, but it may have come from Sri Lanka or the Pacific Islands. This premium ginger powder is from Sri Lanka. It has been known in Central Europe since the 9th century. Today it is cultivated worldwide in tropical and subtropical countries. In addition to being used for flavoring, ginger has a long, traditional use as a medicinal ingredient. Ginger promotes digestion and stimulates the appetite and circulation. It is also considered helpful for inflammation, rheumatism and colds. Ginger contains a very high antioxidant capacity of 39,041 µmol TE/100g (ORAC value = Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity). Since we as a retailer are only allowed to make a few specific statements about the health effects of food, we recommend that you research information about this product on the Internet yourself. Why we love ginger powder We love this premium ginger powder for its unusual aromatic scent and taste. We use it daily in practically all of our cooking recipes, as well as drinks and smoothies. For a sore throat and colds or nausea and digestive problems, we have discovered a simple and helpful home remedy that is also super fine: ½ tsp ginger powder, 1 tsp honey, 1dl hot water and a squeeze of lemon juice! Pearls of Samarkand Ginger Powder The fragrance and taste of this 100% pure ginger powder from Sri Lanka are particularly fresh and spicy, which is achieved through the rapid cleaning, drying and grinding! The ginger comes from organic farming and fair trade from two local fair trade organizations with 2500 farmers involved. Organic cultivation and fair trade relations have a very decisive influence on the quality of the product. Many work steps are carried out traditionally and exclusively by hand. Thanks to the cooperation with Fairtrade, the farmers can earn their livelihood securely and independently. Projects such as clean drinking water, school materials for the children and educational projects can be paid for with the Fairtrade premium. How to use ginger powder In curry dishes, soups, spiced teas, pastries, smoothies and fruit juices. Nutritional values ​​of ginger per 100g Energy value 1272kJ/304kcalProtein 3.3gcarbohydrates 60g- of which sugar 59.4gFat 3.3g- of which saturated 0.95gFiber 5.5gAll information is subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products. Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Content: 250 Gramm (CHF 6.80* / 100 Gramm)

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